Monday, July 30, 2007

bad blogger, no cookie

So seriously, I know how awful I have been. things at work this summer have been crazy, and add to that that I do not have he most consistant internet access, you now have my summer. I have been a good knitter though. My cousins afghan is coming along really nicely, I made a 7 foot long gryffyndor scarf, I finally finished the baby cargos, the chevron scarf looks wonderful. For right now, I offer a bit of zen for you all

That is our green show stage with a beautiful rainbow above. The smemr really has been great, but busy. I promise to post more pictures as soon as I have some consistant computer time.

I am not going to be taking classes in the fall, so if anyone knows anyone hiring in the eastern part of NC, let me know. Need to work on the bills, and get my residency in place before I start classes back up.

love to all