Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thoughts on the Tony Awards before the Tony awards, or why I'm knitting hats for actors

This year in theatre...... what can i say. Last year we watched the #hamiltonys because, well.. It was brilliant. But last year taught me something. Pay more attention. Pay more attention to the other shows that are opening. I missed out on Bright star and Shuffle along because I honestly just didn't know they were there. I would have missed out on Beautiful in the past if mom hadn't wanted to see it. So this year, I paid attention.

I am very aware of what is here this year, and because I am aware, I have never been so excited about a Tony awards since Rent. You heard me.

I love the Tony awards, it's my super bowl. It's my night to be an un-appologetic theatre geek and gush about everything that I love. It's the night where the industry that I have given blood, sweat, and tears (actual blood, actual sweat, actual tears) to for so many years gets acknowledged. I know that not everyone loves theatre, that's fine, more for me.

This year of course means more, and there is an empty place in my heart, because I know that I won't be sharing this night with a wonderful friend. So much about this year reminds me of her. I know she would be Celebrating Groundhog day because her roomate is in it. I know she would Love Come from Away because not only is one of the cast members of Chaplin in the show, but I know she would love the message that it sends. I know she would be quoting Hello Dolly Lyrics. She was able to see Evan Hansen when it was in Previews, and she raved about how wonderful the production was. I know she would be cheering on Great Comet with me, and she would be singing the scenery and lighting just like everyone else.

Cristin, this year I thank you. Because of you, I now longer shy away when people say "oh, you're a theatre person" rather than saying "yeah, I like it" now I will proudly say "yup." So many amazing messages of love and beauty shared this year, and I know you would be celebrating it. In my heart, I know you are with us.

Oh, and in knitting news, yes. I'm knitting hats for the entire cast of Come From Away.