Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 a year in review


Borrowed from Nutmegknitter.

Where did you begin 2008?

I drove from CT to NC with Hagrid on New Years Eve. That night I was actually in bed by 9pm after a long drive with a very unhappy cat.

What was your status by Valentine's Day?
single (but I had a great big orange 15 lb purring boy next to me, that is all I needed)

Were you in school (anytime this year)?
i took a couple of online classes, but not officially in school

Did you have to go to the hospital?
Interestingly there were many fewer visits ot the hospital this year (since I was not a company manager) I did go to visit my sister and new nephew Patrick.

Did you have any encounters with the police?
I was aparently a target this year. I got three tickets myself, then there was the drive home from Rhinebeck.

Where did you go on vacation?
I did make a visit to Bosotn.

What did you purchase that was over $500?
nothing. But I did pay off my Car!!!!!!!! I have the TITLE!!!!!!!!

Did you know anybody who got married?
My cousin Brent. . . . . and I think that is it.

Did you know anybody who passed away?

Did you move anywhere?
Yup, I moved from NC to Boston.

What sporting events did you attend?
Nothing really.

Describe your birthday:
Enjoyable. I had a lovely morning by myself, then went to visit Jenny, Brian, and Ian and Jenny and I went ot a concert in Carborro to see one of my FAVORITE folk performers.

What's the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2008?
Move back to New England (it was in the long term plan, but things happened much faster) quit my job (I was there for less than a year, I really wanted to make it work), Leave my direct access ot the performing arts industry. I am working for a ticketing software company now, but it isn't always the same. I gave up an amazing pet.

What has been your favorite moment(s)?
(described in photos)

What's something you learned about yourself?
I am a much better knitter than I thought, I can become financially independent, I have changed a lot in the past few years, and it may take others a bit to get used to the new me (I also may have to adjust back a bit to meet them in the middle), I really like being an aunt, I like city life. . . . . . . . a lot

Any new additions to your family?
Patrick, Charlotte, and Grace. . . .

What was your best month?
Wow, this has been a weird year with lots of ups and downs. aside from the wonderful additions, I don't know that any one month has been really great. Maybe October (that was Rhinebeck) but then again there was of course December (Patrick).

What music will you remember from 2008?

Made new friends?
Oh man!!!! Ravelry and knititng have brought so many wonderful people into my life. I cannot even begin to mention all of the names. if I met you through fiber, you are now my friend.

New best friend?
My best friends amaze me every day. They are moms, teachers, mentors, and the most supportive people I know. They will maintain their staus through it all.

Favorite night out?
The Girlyman concert wiht Jennifer, david Wilcox wiht Jenny, or the Rav party with Becca. A really tough call, Christine Lavin Concert with Jennifer, oh and did I mention that I spoke to Sondheim!!!!!!!!!!

Any regrets?
"Forget regret or life is yours to miss."

What do you want to change in 2008?
Finances, I really want them under control. I would like to be able to run three miles again (I did it three years ago, I can do it again).

Overall, how would you rate this year?
there were some wonderful highs

What would you change about 2008?
I could change a few moments, but then like a butterfly wing it would mess everything up. gotta live with what we have.

Other than home, where did you spend most of your time?
The Turnage, My car

Have any life changes in 2008?
Yup. Ne wjob, new address, new city, and I am an aunt.

Change your hairstyle?
lots of different colors. it has been fun

Have any car accidents?
my car got hit in a parking lot, but I was not in it. I also had a near miss on the drive from NC to home.

Buy a new car?
nope, but I paid off the old one.

New BF/GF?

Get a new job?
yes, and I love it.

Do you have a New Year's resolution?
of course, we will see how they go

Do anything embarrassing?
Sure, don't we all.

Buy anything new from eBay?
Sure did

What was your favorite purchase of 2008?
hmmmmmmm yarn, music, and my drop spindle

Get married or divorced?

Get arrested?

Be honest - did you watch American Idol?

Did you get sick this year?
not really, I have been very healthy.

Start a new hobby?

Been snowboarding?
nope, I don't think that would be a good idea for me. . . do you? have you met me.? Did you hear what hte Wii fit said to me.

Drank Starbucks in 2008?
Oh yes

Are you happy to see 2008 go?
It has been a really rough year for me, but i have learned that my family and friends will support me thorugh anything. they have offered me everyhting fomr company, a shoulder to cry on, to an actual roof over my head. You never know what you have until you are kind of in the depths. I know what I have now, and I will never let it go.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fingerless mitts

Fingerless mitts
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter

This is my first complete pair of fingerless mitts for MEEEEEEE!!!!

They are the urban necessity mitts from subway knitter. They are made out of Malabrigo, the emerald colorway I believe. I knit them on 2 circs. I will do some more close-ups for you. I did a simple cable design along the edge of the mitten cap, it helped with the ladders that appeared (no matter how hard I tried) and it also added something nice.

the bind off on the mitten cap is all wrong, but I can live with that.

I will totally do this again. Sure, the fingers are a little annoying, I just won't make gloves for piano players .

t was fun, and I can't wait to show them off tomorrow night at knititng night.

Now I need a project to bring. AAAAA I have nothing on the needles. !!!!

The hats

It has been a winter of hats for me. Lots of hats. I have decided that I really enjoy knitting hats. They are really fun. The first one was for my brother in law. He is a Cleavland Browns fan, so Rebecca asked me to make him a hat with his team colors. I could not be happier with how it came out. It is a perfect fit.

Then there was the hat for my step dad, he doesn't like to stand still. This was very special for me to knit. He got me some pure Llama fiber last year, and I made him this hat out of the fiber that he got for me. I think it is a bit too big, but he would not admit it. He seems to like it, I just hope he wears it.

The of course there are the gratuitous baby pictures. I made some hats for Rebecca. These are out of Dark Horse yarns Fantasy (I think this is my newest favorite acrylic) I made these hats to match the clapotis that I made for Rebecca

This hat is every one's favorite. At first it didn't seem to be Patrick's favorite at all.

But he seemed to start to like it more.

OH, I got gifts as well

So yes, I did get some gifts for christmas as well, it wasn't all me knitting. In fact, it was a lovely christmas for me. I have to say, I LOVE giving gifts, and who doesn't love receiving them. I think it is extremely nice when family and friends listen and get you things that you will actually use and enjoy.

For instance, my sister jennifer is quite amazing. She hemmed and hawed and listened to my back nd forth (even called Becca) and in the end. . .

(I got hte case with the stars)

I am extremely psyched I love them.

Also, Mom got me a new suitcase. Oddly, with all of the traveling that I do, I don't own a rolling pull suitcase. Well I do now. It is great.

Dad is always there with the kitchen stuff, and this year was nothing short of perfect. I got a pressure cooker. I can't WAIT to try it out. Jen has it at home in CT right now, and she will be bringing it back. Also got a Gift Certificate to a yarn store in CT, will have to see the damage I can do there.

My cousin gave me some WONDERUL bath products fgrom Lush here in Bosotn. Oh my the sniffies, they are great.

My uncle totally surprised me by giving me the mill ends of 4 skeins of yarn from the 2 llama's and 2 alpaca's at his farm in CT. SO cool. I was so excited. I can't wait to try it out. I think I will be making a hat for him.

My grandmother has a wonderful tradition of giving us the Wallace Silversmith pewter Candy Cane ornaments every year. This year it is covered with wrapped presents. I love it.

OH, and mom also gave us gift certificates for 1 hour massages. Nothing could be better than that. !!!!

It really was a lovely holiday. Sure it is a long day, is there anyone with a large family that doesn't have a long day on Christmas day. Sure, staying home might be nice, but I don't think it would be the same for me without getting to see everyone, or at least as many people as possible.

Well, that was my day. how was yours?

I will post more of the knitted items later today. guess I should actually get some work done here.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pink Ribbon Illusion Scarf

First finished object gift was the Pink Ribbon illusion scarf. This is a WONDERFUL pattern by Short n Crafty Sista . As some of you may know, my mom is a breast cancer survivor. In fact, she has survived it twice. She has walked in the Avon Breast Cancer walks countless times. (Insert Shameless plug for donations to her 2009 walk here)

Well, when I saw this pattern I just could not resist.

One of these days I will start being better about recording yarns that I use. This project was done with 2 different weight yarns. The darker pink is Cascade 220, the lighter pink I have completely forgotten. It was nice to work with, though it was very loosely woven and tended to split easily. Also to finish the project I folded in the edges because it was just too un-even.

To add to this project, I added another element. When a person, any person, goes through cancer treatment they are never alone. No matter how alone they may feel, someone is behind them. Well my mom had so many people that supported her through everything. This scarf is kind of like that. You see, you can't see the ribbon unless you are looking for it. You don't necessarily know you are talking to a cancer survivor, kind of like how you do not know that there is a ribbon hidden in this pattern until you take an extra moment.

So I have had many people wear this scarf.

Christine Lavin. My mom loves music, always has it playing. I saw Christine a few months back, and she graciously wore the scarf for me.

The author Anne Hood. In my opinion, an incredibly strong woman.

A Family Friend

Bob and Dee, who have been supporting mom on the walks for so many years.

My Friend Mike.

And here she is with it . . . . . .

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Multi post post

Well, so much happened this week, it feels like it has been 3 weeks in one. This first post will be completely devoted to the best christmas gift our family could have received. That is Patrick

A bit of background, without TMI. My sister Rebecca and her husband have been trying for so long to have a little one. They went through many rounds of fertility treatments. Patrick is such a gift to them, and of course the rest of us as well.

So here he is

He really is an angel. He slept the entire day and was perfectly content to be in someone's arms being held. He is still having some issues telling night from day, he s quite nocturnal, but he is so wonderful.

Many knitted items to share, and they will each get their own post.

On a not as happy note, I have heard of two young sons that have lost their dad's this christmas season. One I do not know at all, but I know his mom through the knitting blogs. The other is my favorite nine year old. Please keep him in your thoughts. While he has not seen his dad in a few years, there is no way to make this easy for him.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Failed fishnets

Failed fishnets
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter

that is pretty much all I can say right now. trying not to get too bummed. thankfully, the gift is for a friend. I already got her another gift for christmas. This was something fun for her. I can properly measure her leg and make them correctly to fit her.

In general they are too big. Now truth be told, she has a bigger leg than I, but there are downright baggie. The toe is uncomfortable. I think I will make an actual "foot bottom" for lack of a better term rather than have it be netting all around the foot.

Then there is the bind off. I did exactly as it said, it is tight on me.

So, best laid plans. Oh well. Thankfully when I see this person next week I can say.

Okay, this was supposed ot be for christmas, but they will be later. Now give me our leg.

Background, this is my friend who regularly goes to burlesque shows in new york, She will wear these.

Oh, and they will be knit in the round.

Okay. Am I bummed that I took the time on these, yes I am. I could, and should, have bene working on another project that I have EXACTLY 5 days to finish. And you can pretty much write off christmas even unless I can hide out to get it finished, and that is not as easy as it sounds.


I WILL have all of my gift knitting finished this year. no yarn ends, no IOU's, nothing.

The fish nets don't count.

Sanford Patrick James Raymond

Here he is!!!!!

He is actually perfect. i got to meet Patrick today. He was born yesterday at 3:52pm. 6 lbs 11 oz and 19 inches long. He decided to keep everyone on their toes. his hear-trate dropped with each contraction so they decided to do a C-section. He was pressing down on the cord, though they can't figure out how (it was around his feet where it is supposed to be)

mom, baby, and dad are doing great. I saw him today and he slept the entire time.

We are all in love, and he is the perfect Christmas gift.

In this picture her REALLY looks like his daddy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

snack swap

snack swap
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
WOW I can believe the generosity of the folks in the snack swap. My partner was Roo.

So much chocolaty goodness. I am looking forward to trying it. I will keep you all informed.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My desk

My desk
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
Just in case anyone wanted to know what I keep at my desk every day. Here it is.

My window is wonderful (I frequently spy on the folks across the street) In general seeing the weather makes me happy. The picture on the stand is me jumping out of an airplane. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It reminds me not to take things to seriously. I have two computer monitors (Yup, I work in support. I stare at computer screens all day long. Jealous? )

Water bottle that I will empty two to three times a day. I talk a lot. (No really it is my job to talk all of the time.)

The other two pictures are of Lorelai. Her mom is just too cool and comes up with wonderful cards to send to people. I am looking forward to adding Patrick to the mix. Should add Ian and Will as well. Not so much to add clutter, that isn't it at all. It reminds me to take some time OFF from work. Reminds me that these little ones will grow FAR to fast. You may notice from the picture on my computer screen, that is Lorelai WALKING!!!!!!

The white cord leads to the i-phone, which leads to the music that MUST be playing.

So now you can see a little bit into my bed.

(Oh, I keep the knitting in the bag or I would be looking at it all day and want to knit all of the time)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't forget about the staff at your SNB

Swirly cupcake
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
Do you knit in a public establishment? Are you one of those groups that take over the premium seating at the town coffee shop once a week? Are their people glaring at you as they wait for seats while you fondle the yarn of your friends?

Keep these things in mind this holiday season. The South End Knitters are making small gifts for the staff of Flour. They are so great to us. They never give us a hard time, in fact we think they like us.

This is one of the cupcakes that we make for them, we also made some mini-stockings .

Thursday, December 11, 2008

One of these things is not like the other

My Amazing dinner
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
So soon I promise I will post some knitting news. Pretty much everything I am working on is for Christmas gifts. I am not sure of the people that may drop by my blog, so I just want to be safe. I will wait till Christmas to post all of the knitting.

So last night was our office Christmas Party. Coming from the non-profit world of pot luck parties with Secret Santa, the profit world most certainly does Christmas Parties differently.

We went to a restaurant called Grill 23 in Boston's Back Bay. I got there a bit early so that I could wander around the neighborhood. I SOOO don't belong in that neighborhood. But it was very pretty and nice.

I was wandering around a bit outside of the restaurant's and noticed that right next to this Jacket required establishment is the Salvation Army Shelter. Really, seriously. How many people walking into this over-priced place notice that the people next door are probably getting soup and a roll for dinner.

I am most certainly not saying that we shouldn't have had the Christmas party (and oh yes, the food was amazing, and I also drank top shelf tequila, I am no fool)

I guess there is a part of me that will always miss the non-profit world. The world here the company will adopt a family to make sure they have a nice Christmas, the world where you bring in your favorite dish to share with your co-workers, the world where you have a nice party to share each-others company. Not a party where people are literally trying to get the bill higher by ordering ridiculously expensive scotch's (that apparently was last year, and the bill was like $4,000 I don't think anyone pulled that this year)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Fishnets in progress

Fishnets in progress
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
this is a pair of fishmets from SMB Nation. I am making both stockings at the same time. I am really psyched with how it is working . I think the recipient will appreciate them.

Question to you knitters out there. Of course I am far from a perfect kniter and frequently I have to frog projects. My problem a that when I pick the stitches up they are twisted. How should I be picking the stitches up. I know that from a distance these twists are barely noticsble, but I can see them and if bugs me. Any suggestions.?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Auntie Carrie

Auntie Carrie
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
My pic from yesterday. . .

Man I can't wait to be an aunt. This is My cousin Carrie with her Niece Grace. Grace is 7 weeks old.

Hat for bro in law

Hat for Hil
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
well, this double knitting thing sort of rocks. I think I am becoming much more comfortable with my knitting. It doesn't feel like as much of a challenge anymore. In fact I think I am looking for was to make my projects more challenging. Adding a third strand, cabeling, making my own patterns.

The baby hats were a huge hit at the shower yesterday. I will post pics when P can model them.

Okay, I have stalled long enough. Off to work.

Friday, November 21, 2008

This means war

This means war
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
The traveling fun fur strikes!!!!! how this landed in my bag after SNB I have no idea. wouldn't it make great cables???

Thursday, November 20, 2008

pic of the day. . these could go together

Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
Thursday is knitting night at Flour. This is always a fun night. Good food, laughs, and sometimes we even get knitting done. this project is one that Beth is working on. We are still trying to determine if the colors actually go together, but they were put together by the yarn manufacturer, so we shall see.

We will take a week off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. . . What will we do.
Guess we will actually have o get some knitting done.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

christmas is coming

Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
look close, really close. . . . . . the window on the top right that is lit up. Do you see it. . ? ? ? It is a Christmas Tree!!!!!!

You just have to look carefully. sometimes it isn't righ tin front of your face, christmas is all around.

(Like that silly song from Love Actually)

soup to knits roving

soup to knits roving
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
oooooo I so love surprises int he mail. Thanks to nutmegknitter and the chum I was referred to soup to knits on etsy. Well I am certainly pleased. LOOK AT ALL OF THAT ROVING!!!!!

This is my first time actually purchasing roving, so I was unaware what the weight would look like (I am also incredibly visual, I don't do weights and measures well)

so for $12.50 9which included the shipping) I received. She also included her color card with the purchase.

So here you go, I highly reccommend it. What will it become ????

Well that is a secret (and the recipient is a reader of my blog)

You will find out soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got milk

Got milk
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
Another pic from my walk to work. How often do you see an oversized milk bottle? I get to see one every day . I have no idea why it is there, or what purpose it serves, but it is fun isn't it??

Monday, November 17, 2008

pic a day

Well, now that I will officially always have my camera on me (Because I own an iphone) I can actually attempt to take a picture every day. Today I decided to walk to work I decided that if I am going to attempt to get some exercise we have to take small steps, or at least 1.5 miles of small steps. . .

So today I popped in the new Iphone, and then off I went.

I enjoyed my walk, and noticed all sorts of new things. Of course this stood out to me. There are so many things that make up our lives. One thing I will remember is being dragged into Fire museums when we were kids. Dad always wanted to go and visit them. I guess now I see them and think of those times.

So here you have it, the boston fire museum.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crazy Week

Oh, guess what!! Christmas is coming. That is the tree going up at Macy's in Boston (Downtown Crossing)

It has been a bit of a crazy week. Work was extremely stressful. I love my job, I really do. unfortunately my boss is kind of . . . . well ..... let's put it bluntly. He is an Ass. . . . Yeah, that is it.

The week culminated in a wonderful conference call with two of my colleagues in the San Fransisco office. Needless to say, I learned a lot in that meeting. A number of things were revealed to me, and my immediate supervisor will no longer be the person that has been supervising me. Yup, pretty damn cool, I am really happy with this decision. It makes me feel very comfortable.

I have of course been knitting. If you have been reading my blog you are aware that I have a nephew on the way. Of course, I think hospital hats are ugly. So he will be properly covered.

Yesterday I decided to make a very big step in my life. For 8 years I have been with Sprint PCS. Yup, I can honestly say that I have had the same cell phone service provider for the life of my cell phone service. Crazy huh. Well. . . alas sprint does not cover the ever beloved iPhone. Not to mention they re-instated my contract without my knowledge, so I was angry. . . So yesterday I bit the bullet got the iPhone. That is right folks, I have moved over to the better side. It helps that my ipod shit the bed this week, and work is reimbursing me. did I mention I really like my job.

So Weeks ago I met Sondheim. He is one of my idols in the Musical Theatre world. Well last night, I met my folk music idol, and SHE IS A KNITTER!!!!!!!

I met Christine Lavin

Christine is the one with the "round white" project. My sister Jen is standing next to her with her second knitting project on the needles. Christine is amazing. Just so awesome. Along with Christine there was an author name Anne Hood who did a reading Anne wrote the novel The Knitting Circle. She was so wonderful. I felt that I had to go and speak with her when she spoke about her son. Brief story. Anne lost her daughter to a strep infection when her daughter was 5 years old. Grace dies on her son's 9th birthday. He son is now very active in theater. This summer he was in a show and she read his bio, he said that the theatre community helped him get through the death of his sister. She mentioned how the theater community was so wonderful to him and how it can be a healing and supportive community. I introduced myself to her, and described that I have so many people in my life that were with me during some very difficult times, and they have stuck with me through these times. All of these people were also with me during productions.

Both Christine and Anne also helped make a knitting project (that will be revealed later) even more special. I can't wait to give it to the recipient, it is going to be very cool.

So wow, that was my week, and weekend. I will also be sharing a recipe from Christine with you. Barakochip cookies!!!!! They will also be used as a fundraiser for Jennifer's school. They are taking 30 students to the inauguration in January. Want to help out? Drop me an email. If you donate, I will personally make you a dozen of Christine Lavin's Barak-o-chip cookies.

WOW i may regret this.