Sunday, March 30, 2008


In the words of Fannie Flagg. . . . Welcome to the World Baby Girl!!!!
We welcome Charlotte Grace to this wonderful big blue ball.

She was born at 10:58 pm on Friday Maarch 28th. Weighing in at 6 lb 3 oz and 18 inches long. She is beautiful, curious and alert already.

Mom, Baby, Grandma, and all of the many great aunts are doing great. Right now she has been jgiven a number of nick names including Jelly Bean, rubber legs, and little lotte. The one that seems to be sticking is Charlie.

In knitting news, I have started a gift for another little one who will be baptized in May. Pictures to come soon, right now it looks like a big lump of thread, but I know that once it is blocked it will look great .

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

just some thoguhts please

I know that there are some pretty amazing people who read this blog, anf many can send up some thoughts, prayers, good wishes, whatever you want to call them. While on vacation this weekend I mentioned that I came across some drama, no names here but just think about people and their marriages, and send good thoughts. The other is about a young boy who is fighting brain cancer. Their blog is here Henry is a great kid, and his parents are pretty fantastic as well. Please kee pthem in your prayers and thoughts, they could certainly use the extra bit of strength.

Monday, March 24, 2008

no pictures, but an informative post

I returned yesterday from my trip to HHI. It was great. Friday and Saturday were sunny and warm. I walked through Spanish Wells, went to the beach, and hung out with friends. Many of the friends that I worked with all came to visit on Sat night, and that was fabulous. 2 of the couples have gotten married, one of the couples has had a baby. A couple of surreal moments. When I left HHI 4 years ago, My friend's little boy was 2. when he was about 3 he received one of his vaccines. After receiving this vaccine, he spiked a very high fever, and after that fever he was never the same child. "T" is autistic. It was certainly strange to see him at 6. When he was 2 he was talking and constantly learning new things, now he only speaks if he is prompted. According to his teachers, he is doing really well.

There was a bit of drama on Sunday, so I really felt it was best to leave.

Today I went out and got the yearn for my central park hoodie .I am psyched to start it. I intend to sit watching Big Bang Theory tonight while winding the yarn and getting my gauge swatch done.

I also got 2 skeins of Knit picks alpaca cloud through a swap. The swapper also sent me a partial skein of stream. OH they are so pretty. I am making something special with it. I was a TOTAL dork. I told her I would swap my knitting on the edge book for the yarn.

Friday, March 14, 2008

the evolution of a frog

So becca made a bunny for lorelai I immediatly fell in love with the pattern. I think it is a perfect baby gift for all of the people that are breeding around me. It can be a washcloth, burp rag, or even a toy. Whatever. It is 100% cotton, washable, droolable, spit-upable, you name it. I love it. B firgures that L is starting to teeth on hers.

So I decided, if it can be a bunny, why not other creatures. Enter Frog.
I was a little concerned that he looked a bit like an alien, but when I showed it to someone today he asked if I was knitting kermit. PERFECT. He is going to get a face, I am not really good at the embroidery yet) This will probably go to L only because I know that Becca will appreciate the effort for it not being perfect.

I am going to try a teddy bear and maybe an elephant, and it wouldn't be hard to do a chicken (pointy ears)

Oh, the pattern is from lionbrand for the bunny if anyone wants to check it out. I knit this with some cotton that I got in a swap, so I am not sure what brand.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AHppy Birthday to MEEEE!!!!!

Yay!!!! becca upgraded my flickr account for me for my birthday!!!!!!
I also get to go and see David Wilcox this weekend, which only means that you all get new music in my blog

And since I am in a good mood, here is another David for you

bring on the babies

Seriously folks, this is getting crazy, but great. It shure menas that I will be doing a lot of knitting.

So first there was lovely L, if you haven't seen a picture of her yet, well then you just don't read my blog enough.

THEN cousin A is due in April,

Friend J is due in August.

In between there are a couple of friends of friends who are having them also (a total of 3 I think)

Just found out that Cousin S is due in October.

Both in (what I lovingly call and they know it) the baby race. It isn't like that at all really, but I still like to call it that. One goes for round three soon, and the other
starts round one soon as well. Aunt Betsy is going to be busy busy busy knitting away.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


You heard me, bats!! OPur cleaning people told us that they had a bat in the theatre the other night. i figured okay, maybe there was. It is an old building. It could happen, but the bat was gone, so I was fine. Well, it came back today.

I don't like things that can come at my head. sorry, that is just me. I turned into a COMPLETE girl.

So you want something knitting related>>

I can't understand why, this is a knitting blog. Though I do hope you have been enjoying the music. I hope to share more with you here. I love music, all kinds. whatever it is. I also love sharing new music with people.

Well, I have been very busy knitting lately. I finished the clapotis, just have to weave in the dreaded yarn ends. I am giving this to my aunt Christine. She is pretty fantastic, and also a knitter. I have never knit anything for her. It is crazy, everyone that I show this to instantly has to put it on. It is great. I love it. I had a really great ime knitting this. It was a lot of fun. I have to
the yarn was probably hte best part. I used Plymouth Royal bamboo. I just love the fell. Now, I alsohave to put a disclaimer. It does split easily, and does tend to un-ravel a bit. You have to keep an eye on it while you are working with it. The project is great. I can understand why everyone was done it.

I have also gotten quite a bit of knitting done for my charity knitting. I finished one hat for
Hats for Alex and one chemo hat. I think I will keep the chemo hats local, we have a Ronald McDonald house here in Greenville, so I will probably bring them there.

I am also making really good progress on my first blanket for the Victory Junction Gang
I hope they don't mind the black, but I am hoping that I can make some that will appeal to the boys and the older kids as well.

I think I may sew a fabric back onto this, the yarn isn't super soft, but it works, and it was in-expensive.

Knitting meet-up here in NC has been great. We have all have a chance to start getting to know one another, and we have also had some new people join us each time.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Music of the week

Okay, so I will put some knitting on soon (i finished the clapotis!!!)

but today it is more music. Shameless pitch. i went to high school with this girl. She just released a new CD. She is fantastic. Her name is Laura Clapp. Her new CD is Leaving Nashvegas.