Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I think I'll go to Boston,
I think that I'm just tired
I think I need a new town, to leave this all behind...
I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset,
I hear it's nice in the Summer, some snow would be nice. . .

Well, I think the lyrics state it best, but let me state for the record. . NOTHING is definite. . . . .

After the week at home I gave my resignation at work. Rather than being stressful it was a complete relief. I really thought that this job was going to be a good spot for me, but that was not to be. instead it has been never ending frustration.

So I have been looking for jobs in New England so that I can be closer to family and friends.

Well, one of the options has always been Boston (which is where sister J is) Well yesterday I received 3 offers for interviews.

One at a knitting store on Newbury street (that is part time)

One with the ticketing software company. This is the software that I am currently using now.

And last but not least a box office management position.

I will honestly say that I would be happy with any of them, so long as I can get benefits. The money on the box office management position is a bit lower than I would really want BUT the hours are quite regular, and it is at a puppet theatre. Those of you who know me know that I would REALLY like to get me masters in Theatre Ed. This would be a great position to lead into that. Boston also is home to the school that I would really like to obtain this degree at is Emerson College. Being in Boston would put me one step closer.

So that is where things are.....

in knitting news. . .

I put down the CPH while I worked on my monkey socks. I am sure I will pick it up again once I get home. The monkeys are SO much fun. I finished one, and am working on the second. I made a few errors but I think they are novice sock knitter errors (picking up the gusset, didn't leave enough length while grafting the toes, etc) But I am still happy with them and I will most certainly wear them. I am doing pomotomas next, and think I am going to do the knee socks on the twist collective as a Christmas gift for someone this year.
OH, and I also cast on something else (come on, you all know I have knitting ADD) I cast on the fish nets from SNB nation. Making them for a friend for Christmas. They are going to be purple. I think they will be a great train/T/Bus project for when I am in Boston.

Yeah, I think I will Go to Boston. . . we'll see.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aahhh Sailing

So probably the most relaxing day of the trip home was Friday, and that was the day for sailing. A friend bought a boat a couple of summers ago and I have never been home to get to go out. When I was a kid I was on boats all of the time. Grandpa lives in Mystic and he had a boat. We used to go out to Fishers Island, NY and Watch Hill RI all of the time. Watch hill was the best because we got to ride the carousel and catch the rings. It was SOOOO cool.

Anyway, so I went out to Stamford to meet up with M and then we set sail with Nutmeg on board.

IT was such a great day. We managed to bypass four thunder storms, but watched them all go by. Not much wind for most of the day, but a few times it did get exciting, and that was SO cool. Being a complete klutz myself, and having terrible balance, certain times made it more interesting.

Having been away from friends and family for quite awhile, I always love the time that I get to spend one on one with people. Becca and I get our knittng time, J and I have had our movie days, V and I just have our really long chats. This is the first time in so long that I have had a chance to spend time with just M and it was great.

Didn't actually do any knitting on board, but did do it on the train, had to cast on those monkeys for the ravelympics.

I managed to lose all sense of direction on the train, since I got on in the middle of the route that I am used to. I was SO convinced that I was going the wrong way. I am sure that the very nice man that I asked thought I was drunk. No very nice man, I was just very sunburned. (Note to self, never take sun screen from an Italian if you are a pasty white Irish/German/Russian mutt. You will burn). Nothing crisis causing. Since I have been indoors all summer, and my skin has barely seen daylight, it is no wonder I burned.

Well. That was the day, and the vacation.
Saturday was pretty low key. Spent the day lounging around the house with mom, went to Friendlys as she was hungry for a fribble (after her day int he ER) got to see Cousin R and give him a good luck hug as he heads off to Cornell. Cleaned out the car, got the laundry done, and went to bed early.

The drive back on Sunday was TERRIBLE. I managed to keep going the wrong way. I should have taken it as a sign to turn around and go home but my cat and my yarn were waiting for me on the other end of this 15 hour excursion.

Hagrid was quite thrilled to see me. He is such a people cat, and while I had someone coming in every couple of days to feed him that is just not enough attention.

On Monday I officially gave my resignation at work. Professionally I know it is not too great of a choice, but personally I had to do it.

I will be moving north on the 30th of August, anyone know of a job for me in New England (nor more than 3 hrs from home, that is my limit now) I would take Boston as well. . . .

anyone, anyone. . . . .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation part 3

Sorry, it has been awhile, and I am sure all of you have been anxiously awaiting the next part of the trip home, especially since it includes yarn and Lorelai (she has become quite a staple in this blog)

So On Thursday it was time for a yarn crawl. My mom was set up to watch Lorelai for the day so that Becca and I could go shopping, but mom got quite ill and could not. So, snacks and stroller in hand we were off.

We started at Madison Wool. A great store with such a friendly owner (oh, and she loves the baby) I made out like a BANDIT!!!!!!! Cascade 220 wool for $5/skein. Oh yeah, we will do well with that.

Then it was off to a new store for us. Sit and Knit too in Old Wethersfield. Great Trip. It is a flight up above a garden store, but once the stroller was inside it was great. They were VERY kid friendly in there. A great selection of yarns, lots of patterns, plenty of work space to work on projects, and then there was the bridge. That is their sale section. WOW!!!! I managed to get yarn for sisters nursing wrap for when baby Fred arrives, and even in the colors that she wants. Also got some Debbie Bliss for a neck warmer for me, and even some lobster pot yarn. Oh, did I mention is was all %50 off. Oh yeah, we love the bridge. What a great day.

After Wethersfield it was off to lunch at Friendly's
Can you believe how big she is gettting!!!!! In case you aren't following along, this was taken at Chrstimas
This was her baptism in April? And This was just a few weeks ago. and then to Branford to a new shop, The Yarn Basket (no website yet, sorry). Nice set up, lots of space, stroller friendly. They do something different there that I kind of like. They have baskets around so that you can pick up and fondle the yarn and see the colors, rather than pick through all of the yarn in stock. It is also VERY clear what the prices are. They have cards up above all of the yarns that says the gauge, price, weight, and yardage. I really like that. They have a GREAT Noro collection there. Becca even got something brand new (as of Thursday only 4 people on Ravelry had it) these amazingly bright neon colors. I didn't get anyhting there because it wasn't on the list, but will certainly become a regular there.

We went back home and put little one down for quiet time and waited for Becca's husband home so that we could go to SNB. It was great. What a fun group. Oh, and there was a Tornado warning the entire time we were there, who knew.

Well, that was Thursday. . . . And here is a preview of Friday.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vacation part 2

So on Tuesday I headed home from Boston with mom. We stopped off at CT yarn and wool. Always a wonderful trip, but I was being good and decided to only be project specific when making purchases this week. SO that was goo. Had a great dinner at dads, and then went to Saybrook yarn. They have a new store and it is great. larger, brighter, easier to shop in. I got a great pattern book there from Nashua yarns.Oh yes, all of the little ones are getting that sweater for Christmas. On Wednesday we pretty much laid low, but we did get to go and get our nails done (thanks to mom) it was really nice and relaxing. Those of you who may know, mom got a smart car. sadly it (and mom) got sick that night. Smart car had to be towed to the doctor, and mom had to be put to bed (she is fine now after an evening in the ER last night to get re-hydrated)
So, That was Tuesday and Wednesday. Next post is the yarn crawl. LOTS of pictures to show there. I made out like a BANDIT !!!!! but a preview of the best part of the day. . . . .
Aunt Betsy, so much more happened than that!!!!! How long will I have to wait.

vacation part one

Okay, so this has been a fantastic vacation. I have had the chance to see family, friends, yarn shop, sail, and make some tough decisions. So I will make a couple of posts for you here so that we do not overwhelm those who haven't heard from me in a long time.

So the week started with a trip to PSF . It was the end of season Luau, so it was such a nice time. I got to see some great friends. No shows for me this time, but still a wonderful visit.

Drove home first thing Saturday morning in time to make it to the coisins baby shower (baby due in October) aside from running out of beer (yes we do have beer at baby showers in my family, don't judge you haven't met my family)

The mom to be looks wonderful, and I got a chance to see my aunts, and meet little miss Charlotte Grace. Such a little peanut, and a wonderful baby.

Had some bonding time with the sisters on SAturday evening, then it was off to Boston on Sunday with Jen.

We had a great time visiting the city on Monday. Checked out a couple of yarn stores, and got some WONDERFUL pima cotton at Wolcott and Co. It was great. (I think I am repeating from my last post now, but if you know me. . . I do that a lot)
Minds Eye was closed, but it should be a good visit next time.

Barefoot books is an amazing bookstore in Porter square. It was great. A Must see.

The Farmers market at government center.
So anyway, It was great.
Got to see my uncle Bill for his birthday.

then it was off to home on Tuesday morning.

Okay, have to clean out the car. More later. . . .

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wow, it has been awhile

So sorry. life this summer has been. . . well. . . . let's just say hectic and a bit stressful. work is. . . well we will get to that later.

right now I am at home. it is painfully early but I seem to have lost the ability to sleep in. which is no fun at all. But here I sit, blogging, getting ready for a yarn crawl with Becca.

So, in knitting news (not too many pics now as I am charging my camera, but I promise some later)

I am working on the central park hoodie. this is a fantastic pattern. it moves quickly, easy to knit, and fantastic. I just love it.

I am swatching for my monkeys which I am knitting for the Ravelympics.
I am doing those in mascot by blue hands fiber arts. I was hoping to do them in Adams Morgan but I forgot to bring that yarn home on vacation. grrr

I went to Boston for a couple of days to visit Jen. I was going to go to Minds Eye Yarns in Cambridge, but they did not post their hours properly on their website, (okay, as I look at their site now I see they that have their hours posted on the bottom of the site, my bad I missed it) so it was closed. SUCH a disappointment. But we did find a fantastic children's book store called Bearfoot Books. Everyone buying books for little ones should discover them. The books are great, beautifully illustrated, great stories, everything. So much fun.

So we ended up at wolcott and co a GREAT find. It is right near Harvard. Great selections, fantastic prices, nice staff. I was very impressed. Got a couple of skeins of a BEAUTIFUL pima cotton for my swap pal on Ravelry, so I was very happy. I will most certainly go back. I was hoping to get to Stitch House Dorcester but did not. Jen went yesterday and was very pleased.

Along with yarn we went to an amazing used CD and Record Store and also had great ice cream at tuscaninis