Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Review

I don't think that I have ever attempted a book review before,so here it goes. While on the knitters review retreat I got to head over to Story Publishing. While every moment of the retreat is a highlight, this is way up there on my list.

I, along with many others on the retreat, snagged a copy of

Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!

Now those of you who have visited my blog in the past are possibly aware of my love of sock yarn, but also my ambivalence to knitting socks. This book is FABULOUS!!! Of the 101 patterns,I believe that there are over 50 that I cannot wait to cast on. I will likely start with a few hats, thought there are adorable toddler items as well. All of the scarves are fantastic, and lets not forget about the socks. I may actually have to make a pair.

While this is of course a great library borrow, I would HIGHLY advise you to put this book on your Christmas list.

I hope everyone that checks out this book agrees with my reviews.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Central park hoodie

So this is my new beginnings project. So far this is a wonderful relationship. I anticipate a short separation to go towards Christmas knitting, but I am sure that absence will make the heart grow fonder.

Monday, November 15, 2010

At the retreat (the only place where I get lucky. . . . )

Finally we arrived at the Williams Inn. Entering the retreat is quite an experience. A lobby filled with knitters.

We checked in and went to our room. We were happily greeted with our goodie bags. Notice the socks that rock, dirty water dye works, beautiful cards, and there was chocolate as well.

We made our first trip to the stash room, a frequently visited spot at the knitters review. I found my first skein of Lorna's laces. (remember that, it's a theme)

After dinner and stash room it was off to meet and greet. We all discussed our favorite yarns, possibly the one that we would want to marry. I mentioned my hand spun bamboo. I chose this yarn because bamboo is supposed to be lucky. The retreat is the only weekend where I am lucky (remember, I won the retreat last year and I got a door prize of kangaroo dyer)

On SAturday it was time for more stash lounge and classes. I took a class with Clara and it was fabulous. I learned so much about different types of wool and yarns and why different yarns work better for projects. This was fantastic.

After classes it was off to another wonderful meal and then the marketplace. SO MANY amazing yarns. Spirit train fiber works, briar rose, Quince and Co. I was bring very reserved with my shopping, but two new spindles found their way into my bag. a Blue denim pine kundert and my Katherine, a greensleeves 0.8 oz.

Then it was off to Story publishing. 50% off books? yeah, you keep me away. I got 101 patterns for sock yarn, 2 cook books, one book for sis, and another sock book. WOO HOO.

We made one more trip to the stash room wher eI had a lovely chat with Cat Bordhi. Yup, you heard me. She was just hanging out preparing for her bed time story and she reccommended a couple of patterns for me (like I would not take her advise)

After that it was off to dinner, then story time with cat. Clara gave out some door prizes, and I found more lorna's laces. Yup, more.

On Sunday it was yarn church where were were joined with a project. I chose the central park hoodie. Then it was home.

Because the retreat is the only place I was lucky, this lasted with me for the drive home. my car had issues while driving home and it died. Clearly my retreat luck was still with me because someone from the retreat drove past me, and she drove me back to Lexington so that I could get home.

Yup, only on the retreat.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Checking in, and returning from retreat

Yeah, It has been awhile. I know that. I apologize for the disappearing act. It has been a busy fall. Work is crazy, enjoying my new place, and lots of traveling back and forth to CT to be with Family.

Ultimately there is lots of happiness in this post, so we will get the sad stuff out of the way. On Oct. 26th we lost my aunt Candy. This was an extremely difficult loss for everyone in out family. We will miss her more than anyone can imagine. Everyone in the family i grieving in their own way. We all have our moments, but each day does get easier.

I have the pleasure to escape reality this weekend and enjoy the knitters review retreat in Williamstown, MA. This is my second year enjoying the retreat, and it was even better this year because I was able to bring nutmegknitter along with me.

On the way up to the retreat I stopped at Wonderful things in Great Barrington, MA. holy yarn batman!!!!! This shop has everything. I couldn't believe it. After an extensive tour of the shop I came across a yarn that I had never come across before, and left with a skein of Cascade Rustic. It is lovely and I am anxious to put it on some needles.

After Wonderful things I went off to meet Becca at Colorful Stitches in Lennox, MA. This is a great shop with lots of yarns. I must comment on their pattern selection. It was FABULOUS!!!!! I have rarely seen a shop with the number of books and patterns. They also have a great selection of ribbon (frequently lacking at yarn shops)
I left the shop with a fabulous book that includes an awesome afghan.

I am catching up on work right now, so I am looking forward to telling you more later.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What I've been doing

I haven't had a while lot of knitting inspriation. I have been knitting baby hats for my cousin and swifter covers for te house. I also have a few small projects that I've been working on.

Though yesterday I picked up my spindle. I do enjoy spinning. I am looking forward to getting better at it as time goes on. I am excited to try plying also

I have no idea about what this roving is made of. I foud it I the stash room at the knitters review retreat. It was quite a find.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What I've been up to

Hey all,

Well life has been a bit hectic lately. I unfortunately have not had a chance to focus on any big knitting projects. I am focusing on a few other things in my life right now, and that means that it is simple knitting projects. For instance.

1. New House: Trying to get everything in order and fabulous.
2. Focus: I have been having a lot of trouble focusing at work, that being said I have tried to make some lifestyle changes to help with that. These changes include no caffine after my morning coffee (have you met me, i tend to have diet coke in my hand at all times) also no sugar during the day. Yeah. I also love sweets.
3. Food choices: I am not one who is known for eating well. Let's face it, I eat for crap. I love fast food, I love junk food, and in general I love food. I am hoping that this summer I can REALLY get into some better eating habits. Making lunch and eating breakfast really helps, but it is really tough. To some people, good food choices comes naturally. Not so much for me.
4. Being a bit greener: Taking a not from nutmegknitter I am trying to be a bit more green. I am trying to re-use daily items rather than toss things away willy nilly.

This brings my next knitting project, swifter covers.

It's nothing fancy. Just some kitchen cotton (stash busting) and I used the Baby Genius Burp Cloth from Mason Dixon.

In general, things are great. I am looking forward to getting my yarn organized and in it's bins. The yarn is still boxed because I would like to complete this organization all at one time.

Well, that's pretty much it for me.
How about you?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another hat

This is another hat.

I cast on 60 sts using a 2color cast on with 10.5 needles

I knit up the hat with the working color on size 8s. Then once it was done, I picked up the sts on the edge with the size 8s.

I know one row, the increased every third sts on the next row. I repeate this 2 times and got a super cute ruffle.

I would use more rows on the brim to get a true brim, but loving the ruffle.

Farmhouse yarns, I forget which one. I'm allergic to wool? Maybe?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And it's a hat

Yup, it's a hat.

It's that time

As many of you know I took part in the Avon walk for breast cancer in Boston last year. This year I crewed again and was again overwhelmed with the strength and unity of the event.

No knitting today, but I have picked up the needles again to whip up a couple of hats for my cousins new baby. Using my farmhouse yarn, and of course loving it. Nothing fancy, just a simple hat. Even summer babies need to keep their heads covered. I am thinking of doing a brimmed one, that would be fun.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes I'm knitting

Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
Okay, so yes I am knitting. This project has been my train project. It is a simple pair of Vanilla socks. I have been knitting in Magic Loop so they are full of ladders and slipped stitches. They were supposed to be worn for the Avon Walk as my Wellness Village slippers, but sadly that did not work out as planned. So here they sit, almost done. I will have them for my new house.

I was going to try something more fancy, but the yarn has a super stripe to it so I didn't want to mess it up any further.

So here is is, my vanilla socks.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So it has been awhile

Okay, so yeah. . it has been quite awhile since I last posted. I get that. For the lack of communication I am terribly sorry. I do have the good reasons for being gone.

This house isn't just another pretty face, on Friday it will be mine

I never thought that I would be dong this, especially so soon. I am so excited for the move.

There is also a new man in my life, his name is martin. he is friendly, enjoys long walks, sleeping, ice cream, and is just about over his peeing in the house.

That's right folks, I got a pug.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Llama dashing

GeoTagged, [N42.45361, E70.96789]

In trying to stick with only have two projects at a time I hve a lair of dashing on the needles for My uncle Keith.

I am using some Berroco blackstone tweed that came in my goodie bag at the retreat. I am also using some llama fiber that my uncle gave me last year for Christmas. They are mill ends, so there was less yarn than I anticipated, and also the llama is a bit rough until they are worn a bit. I am hoping that the berrocco adds some nice texture.

I also used a bit of lambs pride in the cast on.

I am using two techniques
That I have recently learned. Two color long tail cast on and two at a time in circs. I am pretty much in love with both.

Once these are done I will be making fetching for keiths wife, my aunt Debbie. For hers I will use the berroco for the cast on edge, and the cream colored lambs pride along with the llama fiber.

Oh, where did the fiber come from? I'm so glad you asked. My uncle runs an orchard in guilford, Ct called bishops orchards www.
They have everything from an amazing bakery, fresh fruits and veggies, pick your own fruits (in season) , a winery (oh yes, there is wine), and llamas. Keith started having the fiber spun a couple of years ago. He uses a CT mill in Portland, Ct. So everything is local. Nothing is dyed, and the yarns are named after the llamas. They come in skeins of about 75 yards (I asked I he could put yardage on the bands, and he has to estimate because it comes in by weight). He sells the yarn for $10.95/skein. I am sure I you asked nicely imight be able to hook you up. He currently Sells it in the market, so I could give you an idea about the colors, though there is a bit of variation with each skein because of the Natural quality of the fiber.

Okay, that was my marketing

(FYI; I am posting using iPhone so it is reallly tough to spell check, I'll edit

February lady sweater

I am making his for granny for her 80 th birthday. How much do I love top down, let Me count the ways...

I probably should hve added a fourth button hole, but it won't get buttoned too often.

The color is an encore colorway that is an amazing dark blue teal.

Highly reccomnend this pattern, totally plan to make it again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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I am so excited about this project. I have learned so many different techniques. As a self taught knitter there were a number of things that I was doing in correctly, and some things that I never learned.

Making this sweater I leaneed:
1. The radical purl, or combination knitting.*
2.mattress stitch.
3. Blocking.
4. Striping
5. How to play with color.

*of note. When I learned how to knit I was knitting through the back loop. I was told it was "wrong." since knitting the "right" way I have never had an even stockinette stitch. Well, since learning combination knitting my stockinette stitch is so much better.

I can't wait to wear this for knitting night on Thursday night.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years in Review

New Years was a great weekend. I took advantage of the weekend to take on a major project. Organizing my yarn closet.

I love my yarn, I really do, but I have no idea how I acquired some of the crap that was in my stash.
Stella wanted to help with the project

This was the yarn all over the Dining room.

Here it is all organized in the closet.
See those pieces of paper? All of the bins are sorted by fiber/weight. I actually listed out each yarn that is in the bin. I feel very organized. I have a whole bunch of stuff listed on Ravelry for sale or trade. Check it out!!!

I had re-started the front of my raving stripes sweater. I finished the front.

and I have already cast on the back.