Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reasons that I love where i live right now. .

1. I don't have to over think my holiday travel. I just realized that it only takes 2 hrs (barring traffic) to drive home. Sure, I am going to bring the car into the city maybe the week before or so in order to get out of the city easier, but when it comes to turkey day I can TOTALLY play it by ear. that rocks.

2. my friends can call me when they go to yarn sales that involved 60% off yarn and get me that wonderful skein of yarn that wsa $44/skein full price.

3. SO many more knitters in m midst.

4. Better yarn stores.

5. I get to see my handknits being displayed on the people that I made them for. (sorry, bad face. We were watching the news and she heard about another school being shut down. But look at the scarf!!!!! I have never seen it worn)

So yeah, life is pretty much very cool right now.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My day in spinning

Well, today I attempted spinning for the first time. It is far from perfect but I intend to wear this like a badge of honor. (I also give my self HUGE amounts of credit for not going out and purchasing roving right away)

I learned everything I needed to know from some WONDERFUL youtube videos.

Yesterday I did try spinning with my Turkish Spindle. I had some trouble with it, as it is a bottom whirl. So today I pulled out my top whirl that was given to me by Becca. So much better.

So, Here is is in pictures.

On the Spindle

Winding (My chairs are SO clost to perfect, they are 30 inches around)

Wound into cakes

and in a scarf.

The yarn was a bit kinky. I think that means that I can let the twist travel further. Thinking back to my electrician days. . Never force a twist in a cable. The fiber is pretty much the sane way.

I wasn't very good about keeping an even weight, I am sure that will get better with time. Right now I am researching the prices of roving. I would like to get more, but certainly don't want to get anything super fancy while I am still in learning mode

Of course I made it into something, I HAD to. It looks arty and eclectic. I just love it.

i'm spinning!!!!!

i'm spinning!!!!!
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
Nothing perfect, but I am spinning!!!!!!! This is my first attempt. I love it.

Christine Lavin in Pawtucket!!!

Okay, those of you who know me know that I am a musical theatre geek (duh, see my blog) BUT, what you may not know is that I am also a huge fan of folk music. I was raised listening to it, and as I grew, the appreciation stuck. The humor, storytelling, and everything about it is fantastic.

Well, as I grew I developed my own favorite performers, and one of them is Christine Lavin. I think she is hilarious and wonderful. Guess what folks, she is also a knitter/crocheter. I always try to find out what she is going to be around, and GUESS WHAT she will be in Pawtucket, and there is also going to be a reading by a Providence author and she will be reading from her book "The Knitting Circle"

The tickets are very in-expensive ($16 in advance) Anyone care to join. It isn't a bad half way point between CT and MA.

okay, so info on the show:
November 15
An Evening With Christine Lavin (Tickets are $15.00 in advance and $18.00 the night of the show.)
Special guest: author Ann Hood NOTE: Reading begins at 7:00
There is no relief from laughter and tears at a concert performed by Christine Lavin. Her stories, songs and rapport with her audience leaves one with happy memories of a night well-spent. Last September, Happydance Of The Xenophobe, Christine's new topical, political, 13-song collection, was released to the thrill of the National Weather Service (“Here Comes Hurricane Season”), delight Julia Child devotees (“Whipped Cream”), enrapture caffeine addicts (“Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans”),and quite a few others.
Prior to Christine's concert, author Ann Hood, noted novelist and a Providence resident will read from her recent books The Knitting Circle and Comfort. Please note that this show begins at 7 PM: the reading will begin at 7pm and the concert at 8pm. Come and enjoy something new and different at Stone Soup!

Here is a link where you can hear some of her music.

Here is her letter to knitters.

If others want to join, let me know. maybe we can get together for dinner, and of course have some knitting and fiber fun.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meeting My idol

Well, few people in their life can say they were close to their idol. Well, last night I was spitting distance from one of mine. Not in a "I saw him in a restaurant" way. I actually saw and spoke to Stephen Sondheim. I wish I could say it was a private meeting, it was an intimate conversation with myself and abut 800 others. It was amazing.

I almost didn't go. I didn't have a ticket, and I was planning to head down to the theatre to attempt to obtain one. I wasn't feeling well at work (running a little fever from my flu shot) but after much prodding from plurk friends, and my sister, I went.

I got downtown (after riding the PAINFULLY slow green line train) and found the theatre. There was a student there who had a ticket in his hand and wasn't sure what to do with it. I asked him "Do you have a ticket" he said yes. I said "How much" $10, and I was in. I went down, got myself a sandwich, and started texting furiously. I then looked at my ticket. Row C, third row. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went into the theatre to settle myself, and pulled out my knitting (duh, see my blog name). Then it began.

It was very much an "Inside the Actors Studio with a vocalist" The questions that were asked by the moderator were great. I was very impressed. The vocalist (Kate Baldwin) was fantastic.

They touched on many of his shows, but when I realized the shows that they didn't touch on it occurred to me just how much he has accomplished in his life. It is amazing.

They opened the room up for questions and DUDE I was in the third ROW!!!! I asked the question I knew everyone wanted o know. "Do you have a favorite? whether it was the process of getting there or the finished product. Is there a favorite?" He said No, but the one show that became what he and his collaborators wanted was Assassins. That happens to be one of my all time favorites. Everything about it is just so perfect. It is also one of those shows that can be done so many different ways.

They spent lots of time talking about Company, which many people consider his best work.

Well, that is the beginning of my weekend. I know the weather is going to be great, but I think I may lay low for this weekend so that I can get some knitting done, maybe start some spinning, and get organized. I would like to get my room re-arranged and prepared for a a bookshelf to help store my yarn and books.

Well, that was it. I have met someone who has always been on my list.

Oh, and he is apparently coming out with a book that is an annotated guide to all of his songs, He expects it will be out in a year or so. I will be first in line to get it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear Daily Chum

I love you, really I do. You are the bright spot in my day I am having a bad day, I go to the chum. There is bound to be something there that will brighten my day. But seriously, You are not helping my condition. The condition, I understand, is terminal. Even the knitting celebrities are suffering from it, did you read yarn harlot yesterday? Startisits is a problem from which we all suffer. We are hiding WIP's and UFO's. saying to ourselves, "Of ourse I can make an afghan by December 21st, I will just deny myself sleep, hunker down in my apartment for an entire weekend, not to mention hauling projects onto the train in hopes that maybe I can get in some knitting time in the two stops that I have on my way to work.

But seriously, today you post this.knotions. The patterns are beautiful, so fantastic. . . . But we have to wait till November 3rd. SO this weekend I wil attempt to finish projects n hopes that on November third I will be able to cast on more (as I run into my closet to hide more WIP's so that I do not have to look at them.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay, so I promised a few people that I would post these. Since October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and I am making this for mom for Christmas I will show you this.

This is the Pink ribbon illusion scarf. It is from Short-n-crafty's blog This pattern is fantastic. I love it. It is the first time I have done illusion and I am thrilled with it. In fact, I am thinking of making something for my future nephew with illusion.

Thanks to the wonderful peacefulknitter I was graced with some malabrigo the other day. Some random leftovers, but I knew I could make something pretty. I need a wrist rest for my work keyboard. Well, I do have some lovely Malabrigo so why not. Here it is.

I hope to have the scarf at least 1/3 done this weekend, then I can get to the second ribbon.

So, those are my WIP's/

Hey, if you are family (or know my mom) shhhhhhhh the scarf is her Christmas gift.

Wednesday Wonders

Well, it is Wednesday. Hump Day, the one in the middle Gotta make it interesting somehow right? Well. . . . . Now I introduce Wednesday wonders. Maybe it is a question, maybe it is something new I have discovered. In general I introduce the Wednesday wonder for this week.

I know, you wouldn't think that a cookie could be a wonder right? Not for me. See, for those of you that might be new to my blog, I love food. Really I do. . . All kinds of food. I like junk food, sweet food, spicy food, sour food, healthy food, salty food, fried foods and greasy foods. Yup, it all fits (But no, I did not try Haggis when I was in Scotland, I drew a VERY thick line and I stayed on my side of it)

But last night while grocery shopping I saw the cake-sters. Do I enjoy oreos, of course, they are great, and the oreo cake-sters are very good. But these, well,. . . what can I say. . . they are just happiness in a yellow foil wrapper, and there are TWO of them.

SO yes, the Wednesday Wonder of the Week.

Monday, October 20, 2008

rhinebeck booty

rhinebeck booty
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Back from Rhinebeck. I will post details later but this is the booty. I got the first Mason Dixon book, and it is signed!! This book is a staple and should be in everyone's library in my opinion. The prayer shawl book was an impulse, but a great one. The patterns are so wonderful. THe book also has beautiful stories of faith and strength that go along with the patterns. IT is just beautiful, and the authors couldn't have been kinder. The two pamphlet patterns are from Hope SPinnery. They are a completely wind powered mill in Maine. Great yarns, and AWSOME packaging on their kits (they were in glass jars). I decided to go for these two patterns (circus tent hat and cathedral hat). I have JUST ventured into multi-colored patterns, so I am excited to try these out. The lace weight was a last minute steal. It is form silver moon farms. $25, 1100 yards. That's why lace weight rocks. I really want a branching out, so that is what I am thinking. The other yarn is a DK from the knit-picker. The colors are fun and it will knit up socks wicked quick. Oh, that wooden thing. . yeah I really want to try drop spindle. That is a Turkish spindle. I am pretty psyched about it. Hoping to have some handspun by the spring.

Will post more pics later about all of the fun, it really was a great weekend. Can't wait to see everyone elses booty.

OH, and I did come home with some cash, so I didn't spend everything (though I used the plastic for books)

OH, almost forgot. I got two books that I already owned signed. I met the Yarn Harlot AND Lynn from new knitted scarves, who said I can email her if I am having trouble with drifting pleats. How many people offer that!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Counting down. . . .

Halloween is coming.!!!!!

And so is RHINEBECK!!!!!!!!!!!. I feel like a total dork that all I want to do is go o a fair devoted to yarn. Bonuses to being up north, i get to go with Becca . We even get to go up on Saturday to go to the Ravelry party. I am PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend I went out to Salem, MA. It was great. Got to visit a new LYS for me calledA Seed Stitch. What a WONDERFUL shop. Great yarns, from the workhorses of cascade to the very fancy cashmere's. Really nice. beautifully lit, lots of space, and EXTREMELY helpful. In my opinion, any shop that will get on the computer for you to check out a ravelry pattern, they win in my book. I did get some yarn for a Christmas gift. The ONLY gift I am buying yarn for If you want to see it in process you will have to go to Ravelry, sorry guys, the soon to be owner of this gift does read the blog from time to time. I went with two types of yarn, but they are the same Gauge. Color was far more important than actual gauge, and I erally likes the texture of the lighter pink. It will be a GREAT project, can't wait to cast it on.

I will post pics of the neck warmer tonight. I do have some of the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk left over, and I am thinking of maybe whipping up some writst warmers, but they will have to be short, I have very little yarn left. This yarn is great to work with, split a bit, but still great.

Work is still good, I am very pleased with my new position, and it is great. I like not doing the sales, I really enjoy working with the members more, and I feel that my day is a bit more structured. It is very cool. The hours are a tad longer. 9:30-6:30. I find it a bit frustrating how "relaxed'" other people in the office are about their hours, they show up after 10. Now I get that one of them has a long commute, he works on the train, okay. . valid. but the others???? Guess I was just brought into the work force on a much stronger work ethic. Oh well, I get to listen to my music for a bit longer. Cool for me.

Well, lots of pics from Rhinebeck to come, I promise. I can't wait. !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh right, I have a blog. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And it is about knitting . . . . . . . .

Well the past few week has again been wild. The week last week ended with yet anohter person quitting from our office. It was the highest selling Rep in the office and I knew it would case some issues. There were issues with transfer accounts and such.

I went home for the weekend to help mom out a a church tag sale, knowing that the upcoming week would be crazy. While on the train home to CT I got to work on the South End Knitters Tag.
This is a team knitting project for our SNB. We have all been taking it home for a week and working on it. I can't wait till we get to put it up, it is going to look absolutely AWSOME!!!! Can't wait.

Friday night I had dinner with Dad and Step mom. We ended up sitting and playing Don't forget the Lyrics. SOmetimes it is funny to me how some great times are built out of the most random things, and this was one of them. My dad is normally asleep by 8pm, we were up till 10 winning the game. We had so much fun. My step mom just watched up laughing while we sang along with the game show, it was a blast.

On SAturday Mom and I spent the entire day at the tag sale. It was fun, tiring but fun. We got lots of fun stuff for Patrick, and I managed to get some great work clothes. We had a great time.

SAturdya night we went to a concert at mom's church. It really was good. A blue grass band called Marly's Ghost. Definitly worth the trip. The artists were very funny, great stories, good music all around. A Nice time.

Sunday I got up early and went to Mass. It was a little tough for me as I was thinking about Henry and his family the entire time. His memorial service was on Hilton Head on Saturday. I left amss and went down to Bishops for some apples, cider, and pumpkin woopie pies.

Then I was off to the new CT Yarn and wool in Madison. Right now it is still filled with the yarn from yarns, yarns, yarns. They are getting ready to fill it with Carols yarns. I picked up a couple of skeins of my favorite Farmhouse, lumpy bumpy in really saturated colors. Teal and lime green. They are great. Will probably turn those into a couple of hats.

While driving around I got a call from a friend who was magically in town. She is NEVER in town, so of course went to see her. Then, it was off to visit nutmegknitter and see Lorelai (and becca, jackson, and Dan). Oh, you want pictures, well of course I have pictures.

It amazes me every time I see her. She grows so much and she is so interactive. She has started playing by herself, and loves reading her books. Seeing Becca with her also give me so much joy. Becca is such a fantastic mom, and you can certainly see it in Lorelai, she loves her Mom.

Then it was back to Boston. While on the train I worked on the Calpotis. Oh yes, it is almost done I swear. I had to frog it because I made an error. I was pretty nervois aout that, but it ended up working out great.

So then it was back to work on Monday. I didn't really know what to expect, but I settled in. It was a busy week, lots of demos and learning.

On Tuesday morning Jennifer woke me up with the news "THere will probably be a baby today" Well, she was right.

Welcome to the World Grace Sophia I will get to meet her next weekend when I go home for RHINEBECK!!!!!!! I can't wait.

So on wednesday I was called into a meeting. I was told it would be good news, so I had no idea what to expect. I anticipated being offered a senior sales position but instead my position ws changed completely. I was offered an Account Management position. No more sales, but higher base salary, and I will be handling support calls. This is something I am so excited about. It is exactly what I was looking for. Requires more hours, but that is why they are paying me more. So I can handle it.

I can't wait. I am so excited.

Now I am working on my neck warmer for Rhinebeck.
This is a terrible picture of it, I promise to have something better as I get more finished with it. Great pattern, easy to follow, though it is a knot so it takes concentration. The yarn is letting me do this without hte cable needle, so I love that part.

So that is my life this week. Crazy huh. Can't wait to post more. . . . heading to salem with Jen today. It will be insane but I know it will also be fun.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a rollercoaster

The past couple of days have been a complete roller coaster ride, and not in a good way. Tuesday I was to get my first paycheck YAY, then I found out that I set up my direct deposit incorrectly so I was not actually getting my money. I finally found my money YAY, then found out that I wouldn't have it for a few days.
(edit: just checked my bank account and hte money is there. . . YAY!!)

Then the worst down of all, a friend whom I worked with on Hilton Head lost his son on Monday night. This is a terrible loss. This family has been fighting a brain tumor for over two years. From the minute he was diagnosed Henry was a fighter. he named his tumor Lamar, he questioned his doctors ("Could you be wrong") he laughed, he persevered, and most importantly he fought and he fought hard. I have not been in touch with the family for a number of years, but found out about henry's illness and was keeping track of the family through their blog. I cannot imagine the pain that they are feeling, and I myself am not feeling to great about it either.

So that is my week so far, fun huh, don't you want to trade places with me!!!

I am starting something in Henry's memory though. I have always been knitting hats for charity, well these will be called the One Up hats. I am going to find away to include the nintendo power up mushroom in the hats (even just a patch or a button)

As we dined Friday night, Henry was wearing his new favorite T-shirt which featured a green mushroom and the phrase: 1-UP. Mama and Dad commented on how great the shirt looked on Henry.

"You don't know what it means do you?" he said.

We paused a moment...

"No, actually...we don't."

"In video games," he said very deliberately, " a 1-up means
you get an extra life."

Mama and Dad shared a look deeper than the cut from a freshly-honed Henckel.

An extra life...
What parent wants more?

update: I went to the Nintendo website last night and went to the "charitable donations" link. I explained who I was and what I want to do. I am not trying to get anyhting for free from them, just want to know that if I start doing this I won't meet any difficulties by using it. Once I have the go ahead to do it, I will contact Henry's parents and ask them if I can use the story when I donate the hats.

I can't sit back and do nothing, I certainly want this child's memory to live on. So those of you on Ravelry, hopefully I will soon be starting a group which will be called "One Up for Henry" keep an eye out for it.