Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random Post

Okay, so in knitting news, the clapotis is coming along well. I clearly did something wrong in the set up rows, becuase when I dropped one of the stitches it came a little more unraveled than it should have, but no big, I can fix that in the end. It did not unravel completely. It is a wonderful project to knit and I am enjoying it. In theory, mindless knitting, but right now it is becoming reflective knitting. I could go into it, but read Zen and the art of knitting and you will understand.

In music news, I am so glad I found this on Youtube.

So I recently watched the first season of Gilmore Girls and I LOVE the episode where they go to the Bangles concert. This group is called the Saw Doctors (Should help Becca with here 101) Enjoy.

Okay, and just a bit of randomness. Now I am on a very tight budget now, so when I see a clearance table I am drawn to it. I am not opposed to buying something that might be a day or two past expiration (it is only me, I am not getting it for someone else) Not opposed to buying socks and underwear that might be factory seconds. Maybe even a random makeup color that I am only going to wear once or twice. But folks, there is a line that must be drawn when it comes to buying things that are clearanced and on major discount (and I saw it myself) Folks, please don't buy discounted condoms. If you are that desperate, go get the freebies at the doctors office. That is my public service announcement for today.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Podcast!!!!

So you know I have mentioned becca Well now she has a podcast A Dog, Diapers, and DPNs

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Greenville knitting meetup

Oh what fun, and thank you to Ravelry!!!! Through Ravelry we were able to get everyone together for a meet-up. Now we just need a name. But as promised, not only did I take pictures, but I am posting them. YAY ME!

We had everything from advanced knitters to someone who was picking up needles for the first time. Literally. It was great. We have a wonderful little shop in Greenville called the Tipsy Teapot. It couldn't be nicer. Big overstuffed chairs, lots of books, and great places for conversations.

Some of the projects that were being worked on were a central park Hoodie, a pair of socks, fuzzy feet, a scarf. I was working on my clapotis, and someone else was working on a hate that she is custom making for her daughter. We passed around lovely yarns, and

drooled over the knit picks harmony wood needles. OH so pretty.
My denise interchangables were feeling very insecure in their midst.

Alass, the night came to an end, and we will meet again in two weeks. Great conversation, wonderful knitting, and tasty treats. A night well spent.

I have some more pictures, and maybe we will see them soon. Till a couple weeks from now.

If you find yourself in Eastern NC, drop us a line. We woul dlove to entertain more.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not a happy post

Hello all. Some of you may know that my sisters are in what I have jokingly called "the baby race" for a while now. I joke about it from time to time, but I also know how much both of htem want to be mothers more than anything.We got some more dissappointing news this month from both of them. Jennifer will have to wait a bit longer to see when she can try again, and rebecca received more bad news yesterday after an IVF treatment last week.

I certainly don't want this to be a downer, but I h ave a feeling it will be no matter how I try.

Monday, February 18, 2008

okay, so something else off the list

Well, I got my hearing tester, it was on the list. It is fine. I have not lost any more hearing, that is a happy. THough i have to go back next week for some test that is a mile long where they are going to stick probes around my eyes to measure my eye movement to see why I am having issues with dizziness. Not gonna lie, and don't mean to wine, but I am nervous. Every health issue i have had in my life has pretty much always gone back to my ears for some reason or another. Now they are telling me it is something else, and htey don't know what it is. Not to mention, I know I have health insurance, but it is still $50 a pop every time I step through the door.

So yeah, a little nervous, but I am sure it iwll all be fine. It always is. I am EXHAUSTED right now. We had a huge thunder storm last night, I could not sleep it was so loud, and hte cat doesn't like them either. Then I yelled at him because i couldn't get back to sleep. I felt bad. Now does anyone wonder why I don't want kids. I yell at a cat during a thunder storm, seriously that is just mean.

Okay, love to all. THanks for understanding my pain today.

OOOO, and betsy does the happy dance... I am definitly going to hilton head for easter. I have a place to stay. All I have to do is drive. I am SOOO excited. I need a few days away.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

helloooo out there!!!!!

Okay, yeah I know it has been awhile. I also have no knitting pics to show you either. But I have knitting news. . . . .

Okay, So i finished my first hat for hats for Alex and also my first chemo hat. These are for my step-fathers christmas gift. I am also about 1/2 done with the first afghan for my dad to be donated to victory junction gang. I also re-cast on the Clapots for my aunt chris. I am determined to finish it.

Things at home in CT have been quite hectic. My aunt Clingsandy (the oldest of mom's sib) has been formally and permanently placed in a group home. While it is in her, and everyones, best interest, it is just hard.
This is a picture of her at Christmas this year.

This Picture was my grandmother's passport photo in the 60's. Crazy huh, it was the passport for her and all 8 children.

As for me, things are okay. Trying to stay above water money-wise. It's tough, but I will get there. No real opportunity to be a yarn snob with the budget I am on, but thankfully I have found some really great yarn connections for my charity knitting, which is making me feel really great. I started reading Zen and the Art of knitting . It is fabulous and I am so happy I picked it back up.

I was good and went for my physical. From that I got my cholesterol back. I certainly wasn't surprised when it was a bit high. I had my last hurrah weekend of eating before starting to work on that. Those of you who know me know that I am a junk food addict. I love it. So, this should be interesting. Tomorrow I go to the ENT specialist. Hopefully he will do a hearing test and my fears that I have lost any more hearing will go away, I think I am being paranoid about that. But the dizziness that I have been having is certainly not going away, and getting more consistent, so we will see exactly what that is all about.

Well, enough about me, We have ANOTHER baby in our midst. Nobody that blogs, sorry I can't help you there, but a friend of both becca and myself. Jenny is great, and I couldn't be happier. My cousin is due in April, and hopefully I will have more news on other babies soon. Don't want to tempt the gods right now, so you will just have to wait for that. Lots of baby knitting ahead for Betsy.

OOOOOo and on knitting news!!!!! Thank you RAVELRY you rock. We have started a meet up here in Greenville, I can't wait. It is going to be great. Hoping to head to HIlton Head for Easter, I could really use a weekend away. That will be great.

Kay, that is it. The race is going strong in the background. Nothing really exciting yet

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

turbo tax grrrrr

okay, so I am not shy about the fact that I do not make much money. I accept that.Because of that, my taxes are extremely easy to file. So I did them tonight since I finally got all of my w2s in.

So here is what sucks. I paid 29.95 to file my federal, then I paid 39 PER STATE and I had to file in 2 states. So I figured, Oh, I'll just have it taken out of my return. But they charge you 29 for that!!!1

okay, they suck. But the taxes are done. I had hoped I would get more back. Guess I didn't do that math too well.

oh well.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

5 songs (okay, so I did more. SUE ME!!)

Oh this is fun, I am taking a note from becca and giving you the 5 songs that remind me of high school. I frequently say that the soundtrack to my life would be fabulous, mainly because I have that whole thing where I personalize music. So here it goes.

(I am separating into catagroeis, because I am a dork like that)

Indigo Girls

This is the Wood Song. This song really covers two points for me in High School. When I was a freshman and sophomore I went on a Work Project iwth my church. I went on this trip because my sister had gone on it in the past. It is through that trip that I learned about the Indigo Girls. It also covers my best friends in the world. As Becca mentioned, we did skip rehearsal to go and see them. This song always makes me think about the summer we spent at the Stony Creek Puppet House. A little theater in Stony Creek, CT that is literally falling apart. But working there meant so much to us. So here is to the KY trip and the Puppet house. And thank you to Amy and Emily.

"The prize is always worth the rocky ride"

"Sent me skippin my class and running from school"


After the senior Prom Vik, Chris, Torello, and I went to see Tommy in New York. It rocked.

"Company" Sondheim in general

This show will always make me think of Torello. Sondheim will always bring me back to high school. This particular version is from the revival, which I got to share with all of my friends. (I am quickly becoming the female version of Bobby.

Billy Joel

He will always have a major influence in my life, and that is because of my parents. I chose this song because I wish I new it more when I was in High School, I think every high school student and teenager should know this song. (This is from his inside the actors studio, the entire thing is on Youtube. Seriously, the man is brilliant)

"These are the TImes"

Okay, so this is the song that was played durig hte closing credits of Mystic Pizza. WHen I graduated, my mom put the lyrics to this song in the newspaper, with a picture of me and my sisters. This song will always bring back memories of my sisters. Now the video shows Harry Potter!!! How much does that rock.

One Voice

Okay, so this just brings me back to childhood in general. I have 2 sisters (that makes 3 of us) do you know how few artists sing things in 3 part harmony. I heard this song just this year. They are the Wailin Jenny's. They are amazing. THis song brought me to all those times with my sisters singing in the car.

This was SOOO much fun,. I could do this for a very long time. I could add more. . . . come on, please.