Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So you all know by now that when I like a pattern I make it, a lot.... So here is my newest repeat of wingspan.

I totally got lucky with this. A friend from church have me the yarn, she had it from a trip to Arizona and she wanted me to make her something.

Well, here it is. I really didn't adjust the pattern at all, it just made a larger wrap.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tony awards part 3 (how I knit in radio city)

Hi all!!

So, more performances.....

Otherwise known as WOW those kids were awesome. So the kids from Annie were fantastic, but this years broadway season is FULL of incredible kids!

Matilda: wow!! I am amazed with the level of performance from those kids. They really were amazing.

A Christmas Story: I love a good tap number, and that was most certainly a good tap number.. Just amazed, so incredible.

Motown: great music, I can imagine audiences are having a fabulous time. That kid playing Michael Jackson? Fabulous!!!!!!

So, we were told we could not bring cameras or phones with us (note to self? "F" that!!!! )

While it was sort of nice to unplug for a few hours, I have no photo proof that I knit at radio city, but I did. Now, you can't see that this knitting is on a pencil, because yeah it is. I left my knitting bag behind at the theatre in Saturday night, and had no backup needles!!! I purchased pencils so I could knit. I wanted something super simple, so I just started the band for a hat. Simple garter stitch, but some special child will get this hat from PatPat's hats, and we will make sure they know that this was knit at the tony awards!!!

Tony post part 2...

Okay, so you all know I'm a tony geek. Since rent was up for the Tony award, I have not missed the telecast. Actually being there? Seriously I could not have imagined what I felt.

So, while the pre-telecast was still happening I was seated right up front, and that was super cool. While sitting there who should walk down the aisle next to me.... Harvey Fierstein.... Yup, this was happening, this was real, and there he was right across the aisle. Who was I sitting behind, Jerry Mitchell...

So the opening number, was anyone watching when they panned to Debra messing a face and the look of shock? Yup, that's how I felt. It was just awesome and amazing.

So, the winners.. (In no particular order)

Judith Light, can you say pure class? She was just wonderful. Cindy lauper, magical... Oh, and I managed to get seated right up front when Cindy lauper won her award. Where was I seated? Right next to Alan Cumming!!! Did anyone catch who Alan was sitting in front of? Why once again it was Harvey Feinstein. He looked like a proud papa. True pride and joy from him filled the room. It was heartwarming.

Diana polus, I was so thrilled to see her win best direction. Her vision for Pippin is amazing, and her leadership made that happen on stage.

Seeing Emily Mann accept the tony for Vanya, and Sonia, and Masha, and Spike made me proud to say that I was an intern at McCarter theatre.

Cecile Tyson: wow. I think we can all say that all we want is one more chance. She received that, and she was amazing.

Andrea Martin: just yay. She is so incredible in Pippin, and I was thrilled to see her win the tony. I'm always thankful when people thank their crew, but for her to specifically shout out to her riggers tells me how much she respects them. Lets be honest, they have her life in their hands.

Patina miller: just beautiful and wonderful.

I can't even begin to try and remember everyone, but to have been there to experience these acceptance speeches was just incredible

The performances :

So, Annie performed. Okay, so its not my favorite show, but Jane Lynch, awesome!!!!

Bring it on: that was just fun, and when it tours, I will likely see it. I fear this might become like legally blonde, I wanted to hate it but instead I love it.

Kinky boots: are they really on tread ills every night? In heels? Wow!

Cinderella: while it's not the FIRST show on my list to see, I do want to see more of those costumes (well deserved William Ivey long) . And the choreography was beautiful.

The tony awards were amazing, and to be a part of them this year when so many amazing things happened on stage was just the icing on the cake

The tony awards... Part 1

Okay, so it really happened. I went to the Tony Awards... And yes, it was amazing!!!

I've known for about 2 months or so that I was going, and when I first heard I was quite literally walking on air!! I had to force myself to start calming down so that I didn't look like a complete idiot when I arrived at the event.

My sister Jen and I arrived in New York, and headed out to decide what show we would see on Saturday night. Being tony weekend, things like Matilda and kinky boots were not possible, but we did get tickets to Peter and the star catchers... More on that show later (FYI, it is awesome)

On Sunday we spent quite literally the entire day preparing for the Tony's. hair make-up, etc. as we were seat fillers, we had to arrive at radio city music hall at 4pm for the 7pm "pre-telecast"production.

Have you ever been to radio city? If you haven't, do it. It's one of those places where you just feel elegant. To think of this history in this space, the rockettes that fan kicked on that stage, and the amazingly elegant women and men who sat in those same seats. It's truly amazing.

So, being a seat filler is pretty serious business, and a live telecast is really amazing to be a part of. So the reason you never see people moving on camera, they aren't allowed to. People get up at commercial breaks, and cannot go back to their seats until the next commercial break. The seat filers are kept in "holding areas" and sent to the empty seats, and it moves fast.

So, once we were briefed, it was time to watch the stars of broadway arrive, and that was just so cool. I won't lie, seeing Abby lee miller sort of made me squeal , I think because I wasn't expecting her... Yeah, I'll say that.

We saw Debra messing, will chase, John Glover, and so many other people arrive, and that was just a blast.

The pre-telecast was so cool for me to see because I was able to see Ming cho-lee receive his lifetime achievement award. I had the honor of working with Ming on a production of Moon for the Misbegotten at long wharf theatre. not only is this one of my favorite plays, it gave me the opportunity to experience an incredible artist at work, and my friend stef hot to paint a rock for him!! having worked with him and seen his dedication in person, being able to see him receive this award was just incredible.

Then we got to see the Huntington Theatre Company receive their regional theatre tony award. Living in the Boston area, this was just such a joy to see. There Is amazing theatre being made in Boston, and throughout he country. I have had the honor of working at 3 tony award winning theaters, and I know how much pride that brings to the staff. That award will mean so much to the Huntington, and the city of Boston as a whole.

Okay, you've read a lot. I'll take a break, and do a part 2... The actual telecast.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tony shawl

So here it is folks!!! If you are watching the tony awards keep an eye out for this shawl, cause that is me!!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Exciting news

So, I guess I've been gone for awhile, not because I've been bored. Work has been crazy, I've been settling into a new church, and I've been working on my shawl to wear to the Tony Awards.

Yup, you heard me correctly, I am going to the Tony Awards!!!

I can't quite believe it myself, but here I am, getting ready to pick up my dress, booking my hotel, and on Saturday morning I head to new York, on Sunday I will be amidst all of the broadway elite. I could have never imagined that this would happen.

So of course I will be wearing a hand knit to the event, duh!

You can check out all of the details on ravelry, sorry I can't upload the pics from the iPad..

 I used kidsilk glamour, and it was amazing. I used the Rowan cravat, scarf, and wrap pattern

 This pattern will be knit again, and it will be lovely. I promise to post as many pictures as possible from the tiny awards.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Library Staple

So, everyone has their favorite knitting book in their library, maybe you have a bunch. I know that I have more than one, but very high on the list is Mason Dixon Knitting.

I call this a favorite because I am constantly going back to this book for inspiration and ideas. It has the simplest of patterns (baby genius burp rag, the baby bibs) and it has some "adventurous" patterns (moses baskets,and multiple log cabin blankets). Some day I will totally splurge on some fabulous silky yarn and make that After Dark Robe !! I also live how this book isn't pretentious. Many of the baby items call for peaches and cream, they even give a shout out to woolly thoughts with a photo of the curve of pursuit blanket.

I was given an idea by someone at common cod fiber guild. She has a gift box. If she finds a pattern he wants to knit, she just does it, even if he doesn't have a reason or a recipient in mind. That way when she needs a gift to give, it's already made. What an awesome idea.

This weekend I cast in the Baby Genius Burp Rag 4 times. I've always been a process knitter, but this one took the cake. Really, its going to get puked in and you're worried about how the colors look? Get over yourself Betsy. But it's true, none of the colors were working for me. So that got frogged, and I cast on the baby kimono. It's adorable and I'm excited to have this be the first
gift box item.

So, What's your favorite book in your library? Why can you not live without it?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Selfish knitting

With all of the gifts that I make, and all of the charity knitting that I do, I have decided that I want to be a bit more selfish about my knitting this year.

I know, I know it's not really "nice" but hey, we all need a bit of selfishness in our lives.

I've had Anne Budd's "Knitted Gifts" book in my library for a long time. It's got some great patterns. I have always loved the hat and mittens on the cover, and since I need a new hat and mittens, and I had some great yarn in the stash, I cast them on for myself.

I am pleased with how these came out. A few comments

1. It calls for worsted weight year and sized 9 needles. I am surprised that it calls for that sized needle. I had a bulky weight yarn, and size 7 needles for the hat and size 6 for the mittens.
2. It's a loose fitting hat, so I started the decrease early. It's a loose fitting hat.
3. I also like a close fitting mitten. The next time I make these (and I will) I will probably cast on fewer stitches for the cuff of the mitten.
4. The mitten says to start the thumb gusset at 2 inches or 1 cable repeat. I will do 2 cable repeats. I think a mitten should be long and go under your coat cuff.
5. While I love the yarn that I used (rowan plaid) I'll use something that gets better stitch definition next time. The cable doesn't stand out enough for me.
6. I love this cable pattern. It's one of those charts that you can really "see" as it develops.

This year I really want to learn new techniques. What did I learn on this mitten? Bobbles. Yup, just never did them. I think they could be fun in moderation.

Kitchener stitch!!!! I see this as being a learning process. Once again, the cast on bind off book has totally come in handy here and I did well.

My apologies for the lack of links, I can't do them on the iPad app, and I am minus a computer till the wallet allows.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wingspan Wedneaday

Okay, I know I've been gone for awhile, we'll discuss that later. But guess what? I, like many others on Ravelry, have made a wingspan!!!

I love it. I intend to revisit this pattern again. Next time if I use a sock yarn, I'll use smaller needles. While some like the design aspect of the "short row holes" I'm not a huge fan.

You all know me, I'm a sucker for ANYTHING with short rows, I think they are fabulous.

So much has been happening for me from a "fiber" perspective. I attempted ignitecraft Boston, Fiber Camp 2013, I completed holiday knitting, I signed up for my first Craftsy classes, I'm working in my 2013 knitting queue, I finished an afghan in less than 12 months, and PatPats Hats is going AMAZINGLY well.

But that will come later. Today you can enjoy my pretty pretty wingspan made out of line and violet intentions yarn (yup, you remember lime and violet don't you?)

Happy to be back blogging. Sorry for the lack of links, this is a mobile post.