Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let's Review

Every now and then I feel that it is nice to go back and look at where we were. So this time last year, what was I doing.


I think I'll go to Boston,
I think that I'm just tired
I think I need a new town, to leave this all behind...
I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset,
I hear it's nice in the Summer, some snow would be nice. . .

Well, I think the lyrics state it best, but let me state for the record. . NOTHING is definite. . . . .

After the week at home I gave my resignation at work. Rather than being stressful it was a complete relief. I really thought that this job was going to be a good spot for me, but that was not to be. instead it has been never ending frustration.

So I have been looking for jobs in New England so that I can be closer to family and friends.

Well, one of the options has always been Boston (which is where sister J is) Well yesterday I received 3 offers for interviews.

One at a knitting store on Newbury street (that is part time)

One with the ticketing software company. This is the software that I am currently using now.

And last but not least a box office management position.

And here I am. Well, I'm in Salem but close enough. Was this the right decision, you tell me. . . . Of COURSE it was. I sometimes miss the south, sure I do, but that is what vacations are for. For the first time in my life I feel in control of things. financially and emotionally. it is pretty great.

The only down side was giving up Hagrid, that was rough. I think I have truly found a place where I could be forever. This is a perfect spot here in Salem, I pretty much love it here.

So a year ago, pretty much today, I made a huge decision in my life. probably the most grown up decision I have ever made. Many people have asked me "Do you miss the theatre" truth be told, I still work within the industry, I work with theatre companies every day. I haven't left everything. That being said, I do NOT miss the drama. I do NOT miss working for a board, I do NOT miss the hours. I do miss the collaboration and the excitement of the shows. I do NOT miss the paycheck. Have I given up on my pipe dream, HELL no. Some day in a perfect world I will have my theatre. It will be right next to my yarn shop (which becca will help me run, lots of eco fibers) there will also be a children's bookstore not too far (that is for my sis to take care of) and right next door, a fabulous gourmet shop that does catering for small events (That's for Jenny B)

Yeah, back in the day we wanted our brownstone in the city, now we will settle for little shops in some small town on the shore.

Thank you to everyone for supporting me through this year. I have met some amazing people through fiber this year. Peacefulknitter, the south end knitters, knellyknits, Guido and so many more. It has been a fantastic year in Fiber for me.

Of course I can't end this without thanking piccologirl. It was her idea that I come to Boston in the first place. She opened up her apartment to me when I was pretty much at the end of my rope emotionally and financially. Thank you again Jen.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The North Shore Yarn Crawl --- Pt 1

Seed Stitch - A Fine Yarn.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of a yarn crawl with Guido

This was our route it is amazing just how many shops there are on the north shore alone.

We started the crawl at Seed Stitch a fine yarn

I could not be more happier to live walking distance to this lovely shop. It is just perfect. The first thing I notice in a show is lighting. There has got to be good lighting. The lighting here is PERFECT.
Then there needs to be a place to work. This shop has comfortable chairs, a work table, and lots of space. You can easily wander the store and never bump into people or merchandise.

The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. They had some great yarns that I hadn't seen yet. I got to see the Spud and Chloe yarns. I LOVED the colorways. Just the names were fantastic. They even have Dachshunds. Of course I called nutmegknitter right away. The color is almost an olive green.

This is a really great shop. It is a must visit on the North Shore. Even better. On the same street there is a yarn store, a bead store, a fabric store, and a needlepoint store. Not to mention a fabulous candy/ice cream shop AND a coffee place. It is great.

The store was having a great sale. I was being very well behaved and decided to only get my new Addi's, size 1.
So now that you are done with your blog, would you mind taking me outside? I am trying to be good, but am going to get really annoying in about a minute.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


After reading Peacefulknitters post I knew that I had to knit the Ishbel. i went to the CT Sheep and wool Festival with Nutmegknitter and got the perfect yarn for the project. I used the Silk Merchant from Mocha's Fiber connection. Well it was fantastic. After a couple of mishaps with the cast off, I finally had a wearable garment. This is an item that i am EXTREMELY proud of.

I have taken to wearing this at work and it really helps with cutting the cold from the air conditioning in the office. It is so great. I did make an oops, I believe that I accidentally did the lace work for the large instead of the small. I had JUST enough yarn.

Project Details
Ysolda Teague
from Whimsical Little Knits

Needles: KA interchangables size 5
Yarn: Silk merchant
51% silk, 49% rayon from bamboo
3.5 oz
320 yards

I have started my second Ishbel, it will be made out of Violets Pink Ribbon, I am using Size 3 Addis. It is a bit Sherbet Like already, but I do love the yarn, so I am glad that it is getting made.

Okay, pug is giving me the "Please I am cute so please stop typing and take me outside" look. guess I should do that before I regret it.

Hi, I'm Here!!!!

Hello All,

I can't believe it has been over a month since I post it. I slightly blame it on this little one.

Meet my foster pug Stella. She arrived on July 3rd. I am smitten. It will certainly be tough to give her back to mom when it is time to go home, for now it is great to have a sleeping (shhhhh don't wake her up) pug next to me while I blog.

i have also been getting used to my new commute. I LOVE my new apartment and Salem, MA is fantastic. The commute is not too bad, but I do lose two hours of my day to travel.

I will post more tonight. But just a sneak peak at what you have to look forward too.


Yarn crawling the North Shore of Boston with Guido.

Victorian Lace today Book Review

And more, more more.
I have been very busy. I have my second ishbel on the needles. i figured out the perfect pattern for felted pink ribbons to sell, AND I am getting ready to cast on the Hemlock Ring as a wedding afghan for my cousin and his fiance.

Yup, I have been busy, just not blogging. Sorry.

Oh, and did I mention that I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be attending the Knitters Review Retreat in November. And I WON it. You can't win if you don't play right? Well I did, and i won. I can't believe it. I do not consider myself to be a luck person and here I am going on a retreat all expenses paid. I can't believe it. i am still pinching myself.