Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My knit-versary

Wow, I almost forgot... Well, I did forget, but I remembered today.

September 8,2001 I purchased my first pair of knitting needles.. I was living in high point North Carolina, and everyone around me was crochetibg. I wanted to knit, so I did. 

I know what day it was because it was a Saturday, now known as the Saturday before 9/11.

It was on that day that I called  my mom to tell her about my recent purchase, and she told me how sick my boppie was. 

Knitting got me through that week, knitting gave me something to do when I quit smoking... Both times.

Knitting brought me closer to a wonderful friend, knitting has brought me more friends, knitting has taught me patience, knitting has given me confidence, knitting for me through one of the most terrible years of my life. 

Knitting has given me a way to say thank you to the people that saved my nephews life. Knitting has supported me.

For all of you that have followed this journey with me, I thank you. You have given me so much through the years. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tribute hat

This September I am once again embarking on 2 big fundraising events. The Jimmy Fund Marathon and the Dempsey Challenge.

Both of these events will not only challenge me physically, but they give me the opportunity to celebrate the people in my life that have battled cancer.

I like to find a way to carry those people with me on these events, and I like to find creative ways to do that. Last year, I traveled with a length of i-cord and each section was for a different person. I ran my first 5K, and rode my first 25 mile event with that chain of love.

Last night, Iw as trying to decide how I would honor these amazing people. then I decided.

A HAT!!!!

Hats are my favorite thing to knit, why NOT make one for myself!!

I found some Gold yarn in my stash, and I decided to make My Funny Valentine . I made this hat for a friend who was going through chemo earlier this year. I LOVE the pattern, and the hearts show the love the tI have for everyone that I am celebrating while I participate in these events.

If you would like me to celebrate anyone on my events, please let me know their name, and the color of the ribbon.