Friday, February 27, 2009

My new boots

My new boots
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Well, since there was a water main break in downtown boston (right down the street from my office) I figured it was the perfect day to try out my new boots. !!! Aren't they great. I am so tired of wet feet when I am walking to work, so I feel it was a great investment. and if I am forced to wear rubber rain boots, then I might as well have them be cheery.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Famous people holding my knitting

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I FINALLY got to see the Four Bitchin Babes and they were fantastic!!!!!

in this photo 9holding my Montera)

Diedre Flint, Debi Smith, Nancy Moran, and Sally Fingerett.

Thank you Ladies for an amazing performance, and for making it such a special night.

Unsure of who the "Babes" are, find out.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Well, It has been a crazy few weeks, hence the not having time to blog. But I will say that I have been doing a lot of knitting, and I have been learning new techniques.

I have also had the opportunity to spend some time with the little ones in Connecticut. Patrick is getting so big. He is really starting to interact with the world around him. My sister is settling into motherhood quite well. suffering through some sleepless nights, but doing a great job. Patrick clearly knows who his mommy is

Lorelai is such a fun little kid. She loves playing with her books, giving sloppy kisses, throwing her food around, and running around the house. Becca is such a wonderful Mom.
Here she is trying to play with the camera.

She also clearly has a great immune system because Becca didn't call to tell me that she got the terrible cold that I had last weekend.
And here she is with her new book:

(I Love this picture)

In the knitting world I started knitting Montera from Knitty. I love the pattern. I am so glad I chose it as my first sweater in a long time. It is easy to follow, knit in one piece (except for the sleeves) and I love the yearn. Such a great color.

A great shout out to my Iphone App StitchMinder. It is fantastic. Right now in the pattern I am working the cable chart while at the same time working decrease rows every 6-8 rows. The stitch minder lets you keep track of 4 different things at a time. It is just great, I LOVE it.

I am also working on a hat for mom. It is actually a re-knit. I made it for her last year for Christmas. The hast was never long enough, didn't cover her ears. I am re-knitting it now so that she can actually wear it. I am making it our of lumpy bumpy. It is a Farmhouse yarn in the Tropical punch colorway on size 10's. It is great love it.

I have been using my new inter-changables so much, they are great. Only had a couple of times where they have un-twisted, I certainly have to keep an eye on that. I will say that is something with the Denise's that never happens, but the Denise's get so sticky.

Next week I head down to NC with mom, we are actually taking her smartcar down there. I think I will be bringing some of mu bulky yarn to make some patches for my Victory junction blankets that I am working on to donate for this summer. I will also bring some cascade to work on some Micky Mouse Hats that I am making for my.

I have been very fortunate to learn some new techniques over the past few weeks, and it has been great. I have been taught how to spit splice, and it is my new favorite thing to do. I also learned how to get rid of those nasty gaps when I go from knit to purl.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Okay, so it has been awhile

Well, let's see. what have I been doing lately.

Well. . . . hmm. . . suffice to say I have a few things on the needles, but I have completed a few projects as well.

Like this multi-directional scarf.

I will forever call this the "Girls weekend scarf" Why you ask? well back when I turned 30 Becca and Vik and I spent the weekend together in New York. we had a wonderful time. I purchased this yarn while we were there. It was a multi-directional scarf that got a hole in it. Thankfully, it was a perfect rip, so I was able to make the scarf again. It is Blue Heron yarns, something like Fat elephant. I am bad with links, maybe someday I will actually let you know.

Then there is my wonderful wrist pillow for work

So the day before Rhinebeck I went to a craft fair with Becca and met her friend Peacefulknitter. What a great Gal. So great in fact that she bestowed upon me my first bit of malabrigo. I promptly casted on a wrist pillow for work. SO much nicer than anything else that I could get at office depot, don't you agree.

Currently I have lots of projects going.I am finishing up. Almost done with the second mitt for Jen. She no longer has a cast and therefore needs a functional mitt for her left hand. I have a pair of koolhaas wrist warmers on the needles for me. I LOVE them. Those of you who have done the pattern know that it is a bit "fiddely" so it is taking awhile to finish. I will certainly have them for next winter, and maybe even the spring.

I am most excited about the sweater. I will be making Montera I got the yarn on Ravelry for a SONG so I am so excited.

Well, really that is it for me. I probably should have cast on some sock yarn yesterday, as I am in the LNV sock marathon. but no, the yarn wsa angry with me and did not want to produce anything. I could ALSO have cast on a hat, since I am hoping to knit 52 hats this year. But again, yarn was angry with me. So I knit an entire fingerless mitt (almost) instead. Hey, I was kntting productive.