Monday, November 23, 2009

What was my favorite part?

First things first, I have very few pictures to show. I made a point of not carrying my phone with me for most of the weekend. I really didn't want to be checking email, and I think I did a good job of it. I used the phone to plurk and post on facebook.

I had misplaced my camera, it has thankfully been found. But MAN what a weekend. I am still winding down from it.

The weekend started picking up two pretty awesome ladies. They had flown in from California. First stop Webs (well Duh)

We did really well. I hadn't planned on spending money. I had to buy needles for my class and then a few things just jumped into my arms. The beautiful Blue o the Right, yup, that's the Madelintosh. mmmmmmmm

I decided to look at some spindles, and got myself a Hi-Lo spindle. I also got some Arucania sock yarn. Totally not my colors at ALL but thank you to Angela for pointing out what the yarn looked like knit up, I am excited to see this take shape.

Also in the Warehouse I managed to find this little number.
A Lantern Moon Sling Bag. It is SOOO fantastic for traveling. I LOVE it for commuting already. For $25? It lacks the bonus pockets that most knitting bags have, but it makes up for that in the shape, the sling shoulder, and the perfectly placed smaller pocket for stashing the wallet.

After Webs it was off to Williamstown (FYI, in the famous words of Into the Woods (slightly modified: When going to Webs, know how to get there (it's easy to miss the street) and eat first! After 2.5 hours we were properly hungry.

Then it was off to the retreat. The drive to WIlliamstown was lovely. It got dark on the drive. Probably a good thing for my nerves. Williamstown is in a valley, and there are hairpin, and I mean DEFINITION of hairpin, turns heading into the valley. Had I been able to see the drop off's, I would have been terrified. Thanks to not being able to see the rocks, having great company, driving a great vehicle (thanks Jen) and taking it slow we got their safely, and just in time for dinner.

The Williams Inn is a LOVELY hotel. the have real KEYS!!!! no key cards here, I love that.

After dinner we gathered our stuff, and headed into our meet and greet.

(Oh yeah, we got goodie bags, I'll share that when I get home tonight, you want visuals for those)

Did i mention how amazing Clara Parks is? Being welcomed by her smiling face was simply amazing.

WE spent the evening hearing about other people's projects and their philosophy's on knitting. I think the Kris's was the most popular (As long as I have yarn to knit with I will live forever, then there was Chris of Briar Rose. . . I'm Dyin till I Die. . . . )

After a long day of travel I decided to turn in after the festivities of the night.

Oh yeah, I visited the stash room. don't worry, I will share pictures there as well.

What was my favorite part of the retreat. . . . .
Was it being able to knit at meals without getting funny looks?
Maybe it was hearing "May I touch you?" more than once.
How about "wait wait stop, I have got to show someone what you are wearing?"
Oh, how about having a conversation with Ann Budd, yeah I totally didn't know it was her.
Maybe taking a class sitting next to Melanie Falick (What a classy lady, Man can she sew!!! Seriously, she's got skills with a needle!!!)
Maybe it was people walking up to me and saying "Can I just touch you for luck?"
How about my impromptu spinning lessons
The stash room
the encouragement
Maybe receiving just the encouragement that I need to start designing some illusion knitting projects.

This weekend was truly inspiring. I spent 3 days with people who have a passion for a craft. I miss them all.

Pictures of the goodies to come.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Motor baby bunting

Motor baby bunting
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
This is the motor baby bunting in progress. I am thrilled with how it is coming out. I am making it for a friends baby shower next week. I am using Lion Brand think and Quick yarn. It is really great.

Tonight I am weaving in the yarn ends while settling in for some movie watching on this rainy night.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Koolhaas mittens

Koolhaas mittens
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
Hey folks, these are my Koolhaas Mittens. I am THRILLED with them.

They were a stash busting project. I used some yarn that I have had for a very long time that I obtained at a Farmhouse Yarn barn sale back in the day.

I ran out of yarn half way up the second mitten, so I used doubled up cascade 22o to finish. I also made the cuff a bit short. I picked up the stitches on the cuff and knit backwards.

Since the pattern is a repeat of 8, I cast on 40 stitches. When I got to the point of the thumb increase, I increased 2 sts every row. Once I got to row 6 of the chart (Which includes moving stitches and the marker) I have 12 sts which was enough for my thumb. This may not work for everyone, but it was perfect for me.

I LOVE these mittens.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Works in Progress

This has been a really busy fall in so many ways. I realize that is no excuse for not posting for so long, but I will take any excuse that I can get at this point.

This is 4 OZ of Fiber optic yarns days of wine and roses Superwash Merino

This is 4 OZ of gnomespun 4 oz Wensleydale combed top in the Amethyst Shadows Colorway

This is 4 oz Jacob carded roving in the Meet me at Midnight Colorway.

And Finally (this was actually the first Rhinebeck purchase) 100% bamboo in the Very Berry Colorway

Now I just need someone to give me a spinning lesson. I have inquired with three different shops and none of them have contacted me. This is quite frustrating.

Next post, YARN!!!