Monday, January 26, 2009

A great quote for today

So yesterday I was taking a drive up to Mysitc with 2 of my aunts and my mom. I was discussing knitting as we have a large project coming up. My aunt said "WOw, I bet it would be your dream to be able to knit all of the time" Well, of course it would. If I could combine it with my love of theatre, even better. I will settle for lots of free time to knit.

So I was working on my koolhaas in the car (yup, start to finish in three days, who rocks with knititng htis pattern? Oh yes, that is me)

(oops, gotta clean that bathroom mirror)

So today in my EXHAUSTED state I went to pull off my page a days in my Yarn Harlot Calendar.

"Find Something you're passionate about and keep temendously interested in it"

I find this quote even more appropriate today as it is rfom Julia Child. My grandmothers favorite chef. Today I walked to work wearing my Grandmother's pea coat. It couldn't be a more perfect fit. Those of you who know me know that while I am not "extremely" short, I have difficulty finding pants and shirts that are not too long. This coat is the perfect length.

So today, the quote is for you grandma.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DUDE It's not a Dell!!

My new computer
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
Not that the Dell has been a bad thing. Really, it has had a wonderful life. It may continue to have a wonderful life when I get all of my files off of it. It is a perfect computer for someone who needs to check their email, write a paper, or get some work done. It, however, is not so condusive to someone who wants to be listening to a podcast while surfing the internet. You see, the mere mention of running itunes and any other application at the same time sent my poor little dell into a tizzy.

So when I saw a Compaq on sale at OfficeMax I jumped on the opportunity. I checked out Circuit City first, but alss things were only 10% off, and this was much better.

The associate who helped me, SOOO fantastic. I was hoping to get said computer on Sunday, but it just wouldn't stop snowing. I called the store on Monday afternoon to make sure they had them in stock, they had ONE. I asked the nice man to hold it for me, and he said yes. Having worked retail, this is not as easy as it sounds. You can hold an item, and anyone can grab it from you. It isn't necessarily your fault. Your manager can come and say NO you can't hold it. Never yell at the associate who can't hold an item (unless it has bene less than 30 minutes) it isn't his fault)

Yes, I was a good girl and got the extra coverage, so I have a total of 4 years of coverage.

Now to get all of my files off the old computer before she officially tells me that she is done.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i have returned

Hello all,

I have returned from my vacation. I spent the entire week with family and it was lovely.

I went home on Friday to help prepare for Russian Christmas. Readers Digest Version. My great Grandmother was Russian Orthodox. She married a catholic, raised her children catholic, but the family always celebrated the holidays. This tradition has been going on for many years and it is always such a great time. On Friday night we fill the pierogies. This yar there was over 400 pierogies to stuff. It is always a great time with lots of laughs and wine all around.

The evening was a subdues this year by the loss of our great uncle. It was rather sudden. he had been sick since bout thanksgiving. He had started doing very well, so well in fact that they were going to be transferring him out of the rehab facility and he was asking about getting his permanent hndicapped stitcker. Alass, he ook a sudden turn and very quickly passed on.

Dinner was on Saturday and it was great. So much fun. Of course the hit of the day was Patrick James. He was a doll the entire day.

He is such a great baby.

Sunday was rather lazy. Dad was resting his knee after over-doing it on Friday and Saturday (Oh, did I mention he had surgery before having 36 people over for a sit down dinner. Yup, gotta love that stuburn New England Mentality)

We had a lovely dinner on Sunday to celebrate My Step Mothers birthday. Lobster for her and rebecca, lobster pot pie for me. It was great.

I took the night shift with young Mr. P on Sunday night. He did great. I was happily woken up to his content little face.

DId I mention he is a completely sweet baby.

So Monday was spent laying low and relaxing. We did, however, head out to a party light apretiation party. (Aunt Christing is a cunsultant, if you ever want to place an dorder just let me know)

So on Tuesday it was on to the yarn crawl. As adorable as the lorax is, and we love her dearly, she stayed with Grammie while Becca and I went out shopping.

Our first stop was Sit and Knit Too. It is a bit out of the way for us, bu they have a good selection, attentive staff, and the bridge. Know great deals this time, but of course lots of good ideas.

We saw the greatest sign on the Wethersfield green.

Can you see it?

We also went to Saybrook Yarn. I was slightly dissappointed with their customer service. I got a Gift Certificate for chirstmas and could not find it. I asked them if they had record of it. THey did. Unfortunately, they didn't have record of it being used, so they could not replace it. Had this been a large chain retail store I would say, sure. But honestly, this is a yarn store and I have been a customer of theirs for many years (Thankfully my sister found the gift certificate, so I am good)

We then went to Madison Wool. This is now my favorite LYS, The owner is fantastic. She is always asking questions about the yarns that we are using, why we like them and such. She has great patterns, great yarns, and now she carries roving. She is even willing to spend a bit extra money and buy yarns that aren't wholesle yet so that she can have some local farms in her shop. She also makes sure to keep the "bargain hunters" in mnd. Lets be real, knitting a sweater takes lots of yarn. She keeps some good acrylics that are really inexpensive for us folks.

I got to have dinner with the Huben family on Tuesday night, and got some great play time with Lorelai. She is such a fun little girl. Going to be a trouble maker before we know it. She is giving big wet sloppy kisses now. Those kinds of kisses couldn't be better.

The week kind of blurs at this point. Days blend together and such. WE took Patrick o the doctors and we weight 8lb 12 oz .The docter wanted to weigh him again because she did not believe he gained that much.

It snowed.

We went to a funeral, which was a lovely service. Got my sisters car stuck at the cemetary. (seriously, they knew there was a service and they did not plow the cemetary?)

Went to SNB with Becca. Those New Hven knitters are awsome. I bought Mason Dixon knitting for mom, I think it will be a great first knitting book for her.

I of course got a surprise for myself as well. . . . The Knitters Handy Book of Pattern

I am pleased with it so far. It gives great instructions for basic sizes to the every day things that you will knit.

On Friday night I went to the movies with mom. We saw bride wars. It was great. Very cute.

Saturday we went out to get Rebecca stocked up on formula, diapers, and to get her a snap in stoller base for her car seat.

Today I headed back to boston. I was thrilled to find out that the commuter train runs on sundays now, and even runs in the direction that I need. I hopped the train and picked up my knitting. I got to the train station and went in to grab my ticket.

I headed to the platform to enjoy the snowy morning.

While waiting for the train tere was an announcement.

"To the passenger who was on the shore line east that is waiting for htis train. The conductor found your knititng on the train (DOH) She will be bringing it back to this station. "

Thankfully, the conductor asked me where I was going when I got off the train, as I was the only passenger on it. She knew where I was headed. Also, thankfully, step mom works very close to the train sation and she can get the knitting for me. I also let my pattern on the train, grrrr.

So I am back in snowy Boston. Not feeling so great, but I head into work tomorrow. I will be getting a new computer tomorrow. While mine is lovely and great, I unfortunately can't run I-tunes. So sadly it is time for the upgrade.

I found one that I really like and is on sale. WOO HOO

It even has a number pad on the keyboard.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Fabulous way to start my vacation

So after my last day of work for a week (YAY VACATION) I headed out to Cambridge for a concert. Now, backstory. I firmly believe that my mother having me sleep out for a concert at 9 months of age set me up for later in life. You see, I love live music. I love all live music. Sue, I can sit and listen to a CD for hours on end, but ther eis nothing like actually going to a concert. So as I sit here with my ears still ringing a bit (no it wasn't super loud, but my theory now is since my hearing is going away anyway, and I will probably be wearing a hearing aid in about 5 years I may as well enjoy the loud concerts and sit right next to the speakers)

So I headed to Cambridge. grabbed a Latte, and went to Club Passim.

I decided to cast on a sock using magic loop as I had some time to kill.

The opening act was a solo artist name Patrick Thomas, He was great. A voice very similar to MArtin Sexton, I loved it. Looking forward to getting his CD and finding more songs that he has written for other artist.

The main act for hte night was Paper Raincoat. They were fantastic. Just so great.

They were also very kind and allowed me to get their picture taken with my knitting
This is The drummer Adam and Amber, and me with my knitting.

This is Adam Wong and Patrick Thomas

Here are the results of the knitting. Not too bad I gota say, though it will probably get frogged. There were quite a few splt stitches. But these socks will forever be called the Paper Raincoat socks.

I think that is my newfavorite part about knitting. Each project doesn't just have meaning because the item was made, but I can always look back on what I was doing when I knit the project. I was knititng my monkeys when I was watching Michael Phelps do amazing things in the Olympics.

I was knitting Boobbi Bear on the train while heading home to see Patrick for hte very first time.

And these socks will always remind me of the fantastic concert where i saw a fabulous band, and a fantastic songwriter and performer.

Thank you all.

oooo lets play a game

Play the game if you wish! If I 've tagged you, it's because I think you'll have fun

The game goes like this:

1. Grab your iPod or other MP3 player and randomize your songs.
2. Type the first line/phrase of the first 20-40 songs that come up (you can skip one if the first line is, say, the actual title of the song).
3. Anyone can try and guess the title of the song by commenting on this note.
4. When the title has been guessed, bold out the lyric and add the name of the person who guessed it.
5. NO cheating by using search engines to find answers.

1. i used to travel in the shadows and I never found the nerve to try to walk up to you.
2. Hi I'm Brooke Windham and welcome back to the Windham workout disc 2 challenge.
3. I don't give a damn for the thunder of fathers come hell or high water whatever they do
4. And noah and his family worked from sun to sun to sun.
5. I never ask you where you go. After I leave you in the morning.
6. When the only sound in the empty street is the heavy tread of the heavy feet that belong to the lonesome cop.
7. Sha la la la la la yeah. Down at the New Amsterdamn obstiknit With Mr. Jones (counting crows)

8. I heard that you were drunk and mean down at the ____________
(Do I get a point because I actually didn't need to listen to the lyrics on this one before I got the lyrics?)
9. Hey wouldn't you want to know everywhere that a river flows to right now, I can show you how.
10. Oh my father lord and creator you know that half my heart is yours.
11. Don't you ever wish you were someone else. You were meant to be. The way you are exactly.
12. Fog at the window still, looks all day never gets her fill.
13. When I was a girl, I had a favorite story
14. Grew up in a small town and when the rain would fall down, I'd just stare out my window.
15. at words poetic I'm so pathetic

16. Well we are big rock singers, we've got golden fingers and we're loved everywhere we go obstiknit That is Cover of the ROlling Stone (Dr. Hook)
I caught you smiling I know I've seen you here before
The night before she's leaving there's suddenly a change She slowly sits beside me and she softly calls my name. And gives me an address, and she says, "Come visit soon."
I took a long drive by the church and the high dive Past the riverbank hillside, where we looked at the clouds
20. To the man who lost his mind Left home for the last time They found him in the wintertime
21. Don't kiss me goodbye again, leave this night clean and quiet. You want the last word, you want me to laugh, but leave it for now (such a great lyric)
21. Strange dear but true dear when I'm close to you dear.So In Love: a Cole Porter Tune, this version was from De-Lovely. It is from the show Kiss Me Kate. Guessed correctly by BalletMommy
22. Take a piece of the sky, make it rain cherry wine. Give her love, give her life, give her mine.
23. Got a call from an old friend we used to be real close. obstiknit My Life (Billy Joel)
24. Grey skies are gonna clear up ________________ seriously, this show is on my ipod? Nutmegknitter got the Show and Balletmommy got the song. Put on a happy face from Bye Bye Birdie.

25. No that one's Jerry Seinfeld, that one's John lennon, there. No, the Dakota.
Well, she'd like you to think she was born yesterday With her innocent looks and her little-town way
27. did I just hear an alarm start ringing.
I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone I recommend walking around naked your living room (She will always be amazing in my book) nutmegknitter got that it is in face Alanis Morresette, i still need the title of the song.
29. It's been ______________
30: The bluest of blue, that's what her eyes are. that's what I am today.
31. A waltz when she walks in the room, She pulls back the hair from her face
32. I wish by golly I, could spread my wings and fly. And let this crowded soul be free for just a little while.
33. Those parties senior year I thought we ruled the world. You funneled all that beer, I held your head while you hurled (come on, that's a funny line, it had to be longer)
34. Tank is full, switch is on, night is warm, cops are gone.
35. some say love it is a river. The Rose: From Ballettmommy (this one performed by Bette herself.
36. Seen the lights go out on broadway (Give me the actual title)
37 I wish you could meet my Girlfriend
38. The internet is really really great!
39. early each day to the steps of St. Pauls. Feed the Birds from Marry Poppins again by BallettMommy

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I finished the Koolhaas. i LOVED the pattern. It is my first hat of my 52 hat challenge.

I made this for Jennifer out of Cascade 220

When is a house more than that

As a good friend would say "A House is four walls and a roof" This is very true. That statement has stuck with me for so many years. It is the statement that has really made me start thinking about the word "Want" in fact, I don't really like hearing myself say it. I guess it wouldn't be so much "want" I can want a drink of water, and that isn't so bad, but more wanting things just for the sake of wanting (though this does not apply to yarn in any way shape or form, I'm just sayin)

Well, needless to say my grandfather sold his house. This is a wonderful thing. In this economy selling any house is a big deal, but this one is a very large historic home that needs lots of work. My grandfather "outgrew" the home many years ago, and the house really ran away from him in its needs.

So this weekend I went for my first weekend of hard labor at the house. It is amazing what can be acquired in 30 years in a home, not to mention the fact that prior to that 30 years was 27 moves, 8 children, and 12 grandchildren. Now there are even 4 Great Grandchildren to add ot the list.

It wasn't so much the stuff that we moved out. . . I don't think that hit me so much. There will always be stuff, it was that no matter were I looked was a moment. A place in time that I could bring back. Standing in the kitchen I could literally smell my grandmothers food. I could go down the counter and point out exactly what cereals were in what jars, and where the grapenuts were.

In the den was the day I spent watching the Westminster Dog show with my grandma. I still love watching dog shows because of that.

There was one christmas that I can re-call where my grandfather had a train set in the basement. We normally weren't allowed down there, but the train set was there that year, so we all got to go.

The tiny hallway leading from the dining room to the kitchen is were we were always being shood from. It got crowded quickly. two people can't even pass in there it is so tight.

Then there is the dinising room. THe day of grandmas memorial service a couple of the younger cousins were playing under neath the table because there were just so many people there that they couldn't fit.

The two living rooms where there were christmas's where you couldn't see the floor. Grandpa's library which looked out over to the seaport form his desk. The walls filled with national geographics and slides.

The front stairs where us grandchildren frequently re-enacted the "So long farewell scene from Sound of Music. One of our favorite past times.

The Morning Room. Really just a front bedroom, but my favorite room in the house. THe windows look over the river. For years it was my aunt Candy's room.

My grandpaernts room. It was always off limits, but I can remember the brush set that sat on grandmas dresser. It was silver brushes and a mirror. I loved them so much. Who knows why, I never had long hair really (not for any length of time that would necessitate silver brushes)

THe middle bedroom. I can remember staying there when we would sleep over. THey would have me and cousin andrea share the same bed. this never worked out well.

The Attic which led to the widows walk. This is qwhere the brides would throw their bouquets to the waiting crowd below at at least three weddings that I can recall.

There is another bedroom that has the greatest floor. There are soldiers painted on the floor. I hope among hope that the floor is never replaced.

Outside isn't much of a yarnactually. But it proved to be so much fun for us. The front of the house which now holds a hammock. There used to be a fence around the house. As kids we would run and stand on the fence when we would here the whistle sound for the bridge. For some reason watching that silly bridge go up every hour was so amazing to us.

The gardens. tHey aren't there now, but Oh my. My grandmother's gardens were the most amazing site to see. She could make anyhting grow.

She was also quite a whiz at laundry (Hey, you raise 8 kids. You gotta be good at cooking and laundry) The clothesline is still there. At the end of the yard is a hyacinth bush. It isn't in bloom now, but when it is. WOW you will never see a more vibrant yellow. In that bush is a small hiding place. We had out own little fort.

Every corner has a story. Kind of feels like we are losing more than some walls, but an actual person.

sorry to be sappy, knittng will come later I promise.

I just had to write this down somewhere, and here seemed like the best spot.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Look What I Got!!!!!

starbucks yarn ball
Originally uploaded by theatreknitter
So i went in search of my Starbucks knitted much today. I had to have one, I know it is totally frivilous, but I had to.

So when I got my mug the lovely starbucks barrista behind hte counter said "Would you like the decorations" Of course my very observant sister asked for the wreath first, but it had alreayd been given away, but I did get two of the yarn balls (one if for nutmegknitter)

So go to your local Starbucks and ask for the AWESOMELY FAB
ULOUS knitting related Christmas decorations for your holiday next year.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

101 things in 1001 days

Well, some things have been updated. I didn't do as bad as I thought this year. Even wihtout thinking about things I have gotten things done tha tI wanted

Taking the lead from Nutmegknitter I have decided to join the 101 things in 1001 days challenge. (I am such a follower, but she finds all of the good stuff)

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

I will be spearating my list into Catagories (I need organization in life) So the catagories are:

Health (h), Art (a), Knitting (Yeah, they are separate)(k), Corespondence (c), Self (s), Food (f), finances ($)

So Here it Goes:

1. h Make an appointment for a physical (1/1)

2. h Follow Through with the Physical. (1/1)

3. h Get Dental insurance (1/1)

4. h See the Dentist twice a year (0/5) Now that I have dental insurance this will be much easier.

5. H Do a Self Breast Exam Every Month (0/19) get a mammogram (0/1) My doctor at my physical did advise that since it is easy o me to self exam there is no extreme need for me to start getting actual mammograms until I am 35. So this is now updated to do a self breast exam every month. I will do this test on the 7th of every month. My mom’s birthday is on the 7th.

6. H (for others) I will post a reminder once a month on my blog for people to self test so that hopefully at least one person will be able to benefit from early detection (0/19)

7. h get my hearing tested (1/1)

8. h Make a GYN appointment (1/1)

9. h Exercise 3x/week (0/429) Oh this was just a complete loss. I have joined a gym already for 2009, so hopefully I will do better. Will keep you posted.

10. h ONLY eat fast food once a month (0/33) Well, I did better about this, but I wouldn’t say I did well. I will keep this one in mind throughout the year.

11. h. drink 1 glass of milk a day (0/1001) Well, again, this was a bust. Lets see how we do about this in 2009

12. h. start taking vitamins, esp calcium (0/1) hmm, let’s try this one again.

13. h. Drink 8 glasses of water a day (0/1001) Interestingly, I have done realy well with this. I think I can continue this one.

14. h Make appt. with a dermatologist (0/1)

15. h Get regular eye exam (0/1)

16. Knit 5 blankets for Victory Junction (Dad's Christmas Present) (1/5)

17. Knit 5 hats for childrens cancer charity (5/5)

18. knit 5 hats for Hats for Alex (1/5)

19. Knit 20 rope bracelets for team Wind Beneath our wings (0/20)

20. k Organize needles (1/1) Now I just have to keep them that way

21. k give away/swap needles that I do not use/need (0/1)

22. k Sort through knitting magazines and books (1/1)

23. k Give away/swap un needed books and magazines (1/1)

24. k Make an afghan for T&L (0/1)

25. k Learn to Crochet (0/1)

26. k knit the central park hoodie for ME (0/1) SOOOO close, it is in progress

27. k knit a pair of socks, and wear them (0/1) Made my monkeys!!!!!!!!!

28. k Have all christmas knitting DONE by December 10th (0/1) This was kind of a bust, but I did much better with my Christmas knitting this year. Will try to repeat this for 2009

29. k Have all christmas knitting DONE by December 10th (0/1)

30. k learn fair aisle knitting (0/1)

31. k knit something argyle (0/1)

32. k go through online sites and save patterns to Rav library and Rav Favorites (0/1).

33. K Organize Ravelry Favorites and library (0/1)

34. k organize knitting patterns in a book (0/1)

35. K make Lorelai's baptism blanket (1/1)

36. a Take a picture every day (45/1001)

37. a Post the pictures in a flickr group (35/1001)

38. a Make new groups in flickr (0/1)

39. a learn to use a sewing machine (0/1)

40. a. use my SLR camera (0/1)

41. a start writing stories again (0/10)

42. a make personalized alphabet books for little people (0/5?)

43. join flickr pro (1/1) Thank you becca

44. c Write a letter to someone each month (4/30)

45. c Send post Cards to Granny (0/30)

46. c send one post card/month t0 Lorelai (3/33)

47. c. Send one post card a month to Patrick (0/33)

48. c send one post card a month to charlotte (0/33)

49. c send one post card a month to Gracie (0/33)

50. c send one post card a month to (0/33) to be filled in with name later

51. c send out christmas cards (0/2)

52. c send out birthday cards (0/1)

53. c Send out Valentines in 2009 (0/1)

54. c send 5 post cards/letters a month to Walter Reed Medical Center (0/165)

55. f. Cook a new recipe every month (4/33)

1. Pork Loin in the Pressure Cooker (a little dry, but it was the first attempt)

2. Spanikopita (Not bad, I use greens and not spinach, the greens were undercooked, first time0 but really good)

3. Veggie potato pie (I couldn’t really give it a name, but it was spanikopita with potatos, carrots, and spinach. It was SOOOOO good

4. Borcht : It was great. A bit watery, but I would certainly cook it again.

56. f. Make a recipe box of all of MY favorite recipes (0/100)

57. f. try one vegetarian recipe a month (3/33)

1. spanikopita

2. veggie potato pie

3. borcht

4. squash chips

58. f. learn to bake bread (NOT IN THE BREAD OVEN) (0/1)

59. f. learn to make jam (0/1)

60. f. give home baked gifts for christmas (not cookies) (0/1)

61. f. if I like a food, get the recipe (0/15)

62. f. Try a new fruit or vegetable every month (0/33)

1. Beets (better than I remember)

2. Greens (not fantastic, but okay)

63. f. cook sushi (0/1)

64. f grow herbs (0/1)

65. f cook a meal for my dad and step mother while I am home (0/1)

66. f cook a meal for my sisters while I am visiting home (0/1)

67. f cook a meal for my mother and step father while I am home (0/1)

68. s Go to Church every week (45/143) I missed very few weeks of church this week. When I moved to Boston it was a little more complicated. But I did reall well, and am getting ready to go now.

69. s keep a journal (0/1)

70. s Learn more about my religion (0/1)

71. s Read/listen to one book a month (0/33)

1. Such a Pretty Fat (Jen Lancaster

2. Little Women (working on it, listening to it on audio)

3. 19 Minutes (Jodi Piccoult)

4. Certain Girls (Jennifer Weiner)

72. s REALLY decide where I want to settle (0/1) Well, I think I am back in New England. I have missed it. I am loving the boston Area. Work is great, life is good. We will see how this goes.

73. s get 3 house plants (0/3)

74. s care for an orchid (0/1)

75. s get a facial when I can afford it (0/1)

76. s get a massage (0/1) (thank you mom)

77. s get through my netflix queu (0/1)

78. $Pay off Car (0/1) YAY!!!!!!

79. $Pay Off Credit Cards (1/3)

80. $Pay off past medical bill (0/1)

81. $Learn My credit Score (0/1)

82. $Save $1/Day (101/1001) Not great, but I am getting there. I can catch this one up.

83. $ find out about purchasing a house or condo (0/1)

84. $ keep my car running to the end of this challenge (0/1)

85. $ get regular oil changes and tire rotations in my car (5/10)

86. t go to a concert (0/1)

1. GirlyMan

2. David Wilcox

3. Christine Lavin

87. t go to a play (1/1)

1. Seussical

88. t go to a comedy club (0/1)

89. t try letter boxing (0/1)

90. t Visit new place in Boston Area (0/21)

91. t Visit 10 new places in CT (0/10)

92. t Go on a vacation (0/1) Going home for a holiday does NOT qualify

93. t Visit the statue of liberty (0/1)

94. t Visit the Empire State Building (0/1)

95. t Visit Ellis Island (0/1)

96. t Visit 10 Museums (0/10)

97. t get to the BEACH (0/1)

98. t Visit PSF (0/1)

99. t visit Jen in Boston (0/1)

100t visit Mare in Maine (0/1)

Celebrate with Becca when we have both completed our tasks (0/1)

100. Post once weekly updates on my 1001 progress in a separate blog.

101. Get a dog (0/1)

Items that have had to change, and why

h (for hagrid) learn to make healthy cat food from scratch. I had to give up Hagird. This was a very sad choice for me, but I couldn’t keep him in my current apartment

h (for hagrid) learn more about FIV, and keeping Hagrid healthy (0/1) Again, I had to give up my boy, buy I am sure he has a good home

k go through the online sites and print up the patterns that I like (0/1) this has been changed. Thanks to Ravelry I do not have to waster paper. So this was adjusted.