Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend WIP

The other day I was wandering around in Salem, and I saw some dresses hanging outside a Boutique. Normally I wouldn't have wandered in, but a dress stood out to me, AND it was on sale!!!!!!!

I grabbed the dress to wear to my cousins wedding in June. So of COURSE I need to knit something to wear with it.

I chose the grey yarn and the peach. The Peach is Ella Rae Rimini I got this in one of the Webs Grab bags recently (FYI, treat yourself to one of these sometime, it's TOTALLY work it) 

The grey goes back into blogger/podcast lore….. who remembers Lime and Violet? ? ? The Grey yarn is from their Intentions collection. I'm fairly confident that this is Friendship  .

So, now to find the perfect pattern. I came across this simple chevron shawl called Chevrolette, and so far so good. It moves quickly, and it's working well with both colors. I started working on it over drinks, appetizers, and cocktails with Nutmegknitter 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Start-itis with a side of lack of interest

So, I pose this question.... How do you handle a case of start itis? Do you give in and cast on? Do you make a list of the projects that you want to do so that you finish the project that you are on? 

What about a case of lack of interest? Or frustration? Lately it seems that the projects that have always treated me so well in the last are just failing me. 

Let's take baby surprise jacket. I love this pattern, I've made 3. It's perfect. However, I can't seem to make it work this time. I keep messing it up. It bothers me more that I actually have to make this for an auction. 

Then there is the circus tent hat from hope spinners. I've had this pattern for ages, it's super fun. Yup, can't seem to figure out the simple color work.

Have I spent too much time on my garter stitch Yvonne from cocoknits that my knitting brain can only handle the monotony of knit one row, purl the next, and increase at the marker every four rows? 

Links to come later, I'm on my phone right now. 

But seriously, how do you treat start-itis with a case of lack of interest .... (Oh, we won't discuss the issues with the wheel and spindle. Right now, that relationship is not going well at all)