Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Llama dashing

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In trying to stick with only have two projects at a time I hve a lair of dashing on the needles for My uncle Keith.

I am using some Berroco blackstone tweed that came in my goodie bag at the retreat. I am also using some llama fiber that my uncle gave me last year for Christmas. They are mill ends, so there was less yarn than I anticipated, and also the llama is a bit rough until they are worn a bit. I am hoping that the berrocco adds some nice texture.

I also used a bit of lambs pride in the cast on.

I am using two techniques
That I have recently learned. Two color long tail cast on and two at a time in circs. I am pretty much in love with both.

Once these are done I will be making fetching for keiths wife, my aunt Debbie. For hers I will use the berroco for the cast on edge, and the cream colored lambs pride along with the llama fiber.

Oh, where did the fiber come from? I'm so glad you asked. My uncle runs an orchard in guilford, Ct called bishops orchards www.
They have everything from an amazing bakery, fresh fruits and veggies, pick your own fruits (in season) , a winery (oh yes, there is wine), and llamas. Keith started having the fiber spun a couple of years ago. He uses a CT mill in Portland, Ct. So everything is local. Nothing is dyed, and the yarns are named after the llamas. They come in skeins of about 75 yards (I asked I he could put yardage on the bands, and he has to estimate because it comes in by weight). He sells the yarn for $10.95/skein. I am sure I you asked nicely imight be able to hook you up. He currently Sells it in the market, so I could give you an idea about the colors, though there is a bit of variation with each skein because of the Natural quality of the fiber.

Okay, that was my marketing

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February lady sweater

I am making his for granny for her 80 th birthday. How much do I love top down, let Me count the ways...

I probably should hve added a fourth button hole, but it won't get buttoned too often.

The color is an encore colorway that is an amazing dark blue teal.

Highly reccomnend this pattern, totally plan to make it again.