Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thoughts on the Tony Awards before the Tony awards, or why I'm knitting hats for actors

This year in theatre...... what can i say. Last year we watched the #hamiltonys because, well.. It was brilliant. But last year taught me something. Pay more attention. Pay more attention to the other shows that are opening. I missed out on Bright star and Shuffle along because I honestly just didn't know they were there. I would have missed out on Beautiful in the past if mom hadn't wanted to see it. So this year, I paid attention.

I am very aware of what is here this year, and because I am aware, I have never been so excited about a Tony awards since Rent. You heard me.

I love the Tony awards, it's my super bowl. It's my night to be an un-appologetic theatre geek and gush about everything that I love. It's the night where the industry that I have given blood, sweat, and tears (actual blood, actual sweat, actual tears) to for so many years gets acknowledged. I know that not everyone loves theatre, that's fine, more for me.

This year of course means more, and there is an empty place in my heart, because I know that I won't be sharing this night with a wonderful friend. So much about this year reminds me of her. I know she would be Celebrating Groundhog day because her roomate is in it. I know she would Love Come from Away because not only is one of the cast members of Chaplin in the show, but I know she would love the message that it sends. I know she would be quoting Hello Dolly Lyrics. She was able to see Evan Hansen when it was in Previews, and she raved about how wonderful the production was. I know she would be cheering on Great Comet with me, and she would be singing the scenery and lighting just like everyone else.

Cristin, this year I thank you. Because of you, I now longer shy away when people say "oh, you're a theatre person" rather than saying "yeah, I like it" now I will proudly say "yup." So many amazing messages of love and beauty shared this year, and I know you would be celebrating it. In my heart, I know you are with us.

Oh, and in knitting news, yes. I'm knitting hats for the entire cast of Come From Away.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Going to talk about Running, I promise i'll talk about knitting soon

So, today I ran the Cheshire Half Marathon . This was my third half marathon, and 3 is mu lucky number! Everything was perfect about this race.

Yesterday I woke up not feeling great. My stomach was not my friend. It was also 80 + degrees. As I was driving to CT all I could think of was "if this weather keeps up I'm going to run a 5 K." After watching the news, and learning that it would be almost 20 degrees cooler, I made my decision to run the half.

As many of you know I was running this race to support the SARAH Foundation. My family will forever be grateful for the services that they have provided to our aunt Candy.

Finishing my last race was bitter sweet. The race was great, the vacation was fun. As I returned from my vacation I got terrible news. Many tears were shed training for this race as I learned to accept daily life without my friend.

As I started this race I had one goal, finish in the 3:15 course limit.

Early on I met another runner who shared his mantra with me "finish today." Would love that, but today it was 3:15.

I loaded some great music into my spotify playlist. I didn't have my headphones, so I played through the speaker in my fanny pack. The first song that I could hear, as the pack broke up.... We are Family. Yup, that's what I needed early in this race to remind me that I have wonderful people supporting me along the way.

one of the street signs "Watch hill Rd." For many years my family visited Watch hill in Rhode Island to ride the carousel. We'd go out there on my grandfather's boat. These memories carried me another couple of miles.

So many wonderful friends donated for the joy of adding a song to my playlist. Since I had my music playing, other people could here the tracks. At around mile 9 New Kids on the Block came on. 2 Other runners were thrilled to hear it and thanked me for having it playing. It was so great to hear all of the great tracks and remember who added them to the list.

Around mile 10 I was sore. really really sore. I walked, and I was still sore. Not sure why, but I was.

I pushed it really hard to finish, and when I saw the 3:09 finish time I was AMAZED.

This race was truly one of the best!
- well marked
- lots of volunteers
- well spaced water tables
- well spaced porta potties
- LOTS of entertainment
- The Cheshire High School Athletes were all over the course and they were amazing.

Even being at the back of the pack, the services along the route were there for all of us.

(I came home to see that the nephew is wearing my lucky number for little league this year!!)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The people that I knit for

Fact is, I enjoy knitting for other people. I have a number of items that I love that are my own, and the sweater that I am knitting is proof of that. But fact is, I love knitting for other people.

Nothing gives me more joy than a new hat for a baby, a gift for my nephew, a scarf for a friend. Recently I realized the people that I have not knit for, and now I cannot.

In January I lost a friend and coworker. We worked together for 4 years. We spoke every day 5 days a week, frequently more than that. We found joy as our sisters brought nephews and nieces and nephews into our lives. I made a hat for her first nephew. She donated to every event that I participated in. She was the first person to wish me a happy birthday, and she even gave me yarn for my birthday. But never did I cast on something for her.

I'm sure I thought of it. I'm sue I considered it. I'm sure I even found a pattern. Now I cannot.

I know that I cannot go back in time, and in this situation a part of me so wishes that I could. This loss was not one that I was prepared for. It was one that was sudden, unexpected, and sad. When I lost my grandfather is was 92. He lived a life of service, business, and family. He saw his great Grandchildren. He traveled, he saw the world. While his loss was not "expected" I was able to prepare. He fell ill, we knew how sick he was. We knew that he didn't want machines. We knew.. It's possible that even he knew.

When my friend lost he child it was tragic. Madeline was 11 years old. She had battled cancer twice. She was a fighter, correction... she was a tiger. But as tragic and heartbreaking as this loss was, it was one that we could prepare for. Chemo was no longer working. The cancer was taking over. She was in pain.

I never knit for my friend because I always thought there would be time. I always thought I would be able to talk to her. I expected she would be able to tell me he favorite color, and I am sure it would have been a shade of pink. I'm sure it would have been something like a scarf that she could wear in the office because she was always cold. It would match perfectly with her pink boots that she loved so much.

I promise to tell you more about my new sweater that is on the needles soon. But I had to get this out there.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Post where I review InTransit

Let's face it, the name of this blog is Theatreknitter. It has this name because along with being an avid knitter, I am an avid theatre-Goer. I worked in the Theatre industry for over a decade, and I continue to support arts and entertainment organizations.

So, here is where I review In Transit: WARNING: the website will play music (likely my only bad comment for the rest of this post).

What is In Transit:
In Transit is an all accapella musical. yup, you heard me. All of the sounds in the production are made by the human voice. Sign me UP!. The story is a somewhat typical New York Story. How lives interact when you live in a city of millions of people. While we've all heard the story before, I love how it was told. All of the interactions happen on the Subway. We learn early that over 1 month of your life every year is spent in Transit. A lot can happen in one month.

What did I love:
All of it. I loved the staging and how they used the space incredibly well. They did not over do anything on the set, because they didn't have to. The production was definitely about the music, the sounds, and the story. Now, of course there was an evening gown made out of metro cards. Would you expect anything else? While I love a psectacle show with big sets and lots of costumes, and a show that makes me leave humming the scenery, i also love a production that is simple. That truly gets to the heart of the story. That reminds the audience that it's not about the scenery and the lights and the costumes, it is about the story being told. Listen to our story. With In Transit, it's also about listening to the sounds. There were certainly stand out performances from certain actors on the stage.

MOYA ANGELA: : WOW, just WOW. She portrayed multiple characters in the production. My favorites were Althea and Momma, but probably Momma. She was amazing.

STEVEN “HEAVEN” CANTOR : He's a machine. I was blown away.

MARGO SEIBERT : so wonderful. She told a beautiful story.

The cast as a whole performed as a true ensemble, and it is the reason that the ensemble Tony award should exist. The sound design was perfect (oh right, no tony for that either)

Why did I see it?

A good friend had already seen the show, and had gushed about it. We lost her suddenly this month. I was heading into the city for an open house memorial for her, and I knew that I wanted, and sort of needed, to see a show. There was not a lot available on Todaytix for discounts, and it was BroadwayCon Weekend (oh yeah, you didn't know that there was broadway con? now you do...

I saw that tickets were available, and grabbed them. I couldn't be more happy that I did.

On My experience with TodayTix
I was super pleased. Fees were a touch High, but I would 100% do it again. I did not know my seats sin advance, but I was okay with that. The concierge was waiting outside the venue, very polite. I was even running late, and she couldn't have been more polite. I would use it again (and check my social media feed for a discount)

I would love to see this show have a long life. I know that shows at Circle in the square don't tend to be in the space for a long time, but I really really hope this show has a life. I believe it could have a great off Broadway life. I fear that it may not tour well, if only because it is such a new york story, but I certainly hope that it does.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Thank you!

This will likely be my last post before the race tomorrow, so I wanted to take time to say thank you...

To my family:
Thank you for understanding that sometimes my run is not a "choice", but something that needs to be done. Thank you for tolerating my constant conversations about training.... Even if you didn't want to listen. 

To my coworkers:
- thank you for listening to my whining about sore muscles after a tough morning run. Thank you for covering for me during this much needed vacation.

To my friends:
- thank you for inspiring me to go further

To my inspiration:

To the children who continue to fight, to the children that we have lost. To the families that stand by their loved ones as they battle disease.. Thank you for inspiring me to go one step further.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The one where I gush about a yarn store

(Remember, I'm on my smart phone, excuse mistakes) 

Today was a glorious day! The weather, the snacks, the hat donations, and yes... The yarn store.

My day started with a run and a visit to les Madeleine's . I ate one of these.

It was salty, sweet, moist, crunchy and amazing. I took home some shortbread cookies to enjoy tonight. 

I went to deliver some hats (more about that on the PatPat's hats blog) 

I'm here to talk to you about yarn.

Enter blazing needles!!! I knew from their website that I was going to love this shop.

It did not disappoint. 
I went into the shop and was greeted warmly. I wandered around looking at their stock. They have just wonderful yarns. They have an entire wall of Quince and Co. Yes, you heard me right, a WALL!!

Want to know what is better, check out these signs.

I asked one of the girls "are these the signs that quince sends you? Nope, the store owner researched the birds and those are hand done water colors!!! 

This did not surprise me when I saw their shop in bags.

I grabbed one immediate. After much Bach and forth, I picked up this bag made by Knerd (along with a small gift for someone else) 

I looked around for a local yarn, there was a local dyed super wash Corriedale sock yarn, but not somethings I wanted.

I went over to grab some notions and I saw this.

Yes, 100% Italian cashmere.

I flipped over the tag and read this.

Yes, it is now mine.. It will become a cowl. 

Fiber friends, find this store!!! 

Oh, they also have a pug puppy in the store!!!!! 

(Ollie is very good at posing) 

Monday, March 7, 2016

The post with the yarn store

So I arrived in Chicago after an okay night sleep. I'll post more about train sleep after I've had a true full night sleep:

So, I arrived in Chicago at around 9am, as my train didn't leave until 2pm, I decided to go ahead and take a walk, and what kind of knitter would I be if o didn't find a yarn store.

I was surprised at how quiet the streets of Chicago were for a Saturday morning. I got to the yarn store and was annoyed that their hours were incorrect, then I realized it was Sunday. No worries, I found Panera.

While I was inchicago this summer, I didn't get to see much. What a beautiful city. I was lucky that it was also a lovely day, 

Such incredible views. 

And yes,a selfie

So I found the yarn store.

I was greeted warmly, and shown around. I love how the store is organized. It's organized by weight, and local yarns. When I'm vacationing I try and find something local, or something new. 

This lovely yarn seemed to be calling my name.

It is lovely, it even smells good!!! 

I headed back to the train station. Got some snacks, postcards, and boarded the next train.