Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Library Staple

So, everyone has their favorite knitting book in their library, maybe you have a bunch. I know that I have more than one, but very high on the list is Mason Dixon Knitting.

I call this a favorite because I am constantly going back to this book for inspiration and ideas. It has the simplest of patterns (baby genius burp rag, the baby bibs) and it has some "adventurous" patterns (moses baskets,and multiple log cabin blankets). Some day I will totally splurge on some fabulous silky yarn and make that After Dark Robe !! I also live how this book isn't pretentious. Many of the baby items call for peaches and cream, they even give a shout out to woolly thoughts with a photo of the curve of pursuit blanket.

I was given an idea by someone at common cod fiber guild. She has a gift box. If she finds a pattern he wants to knit, she just does it, even if he doesn't have a reason or a recipient in mind. That way when she needs a gift to give, it's already made. What an awesome idea.

This weekend I cast in the Baby Genius Burp Rag 4 times. I've always been a process knitter, but this one took the cake. Really, its going to get puked in and you're worried about how the colors look? Get over yourself Betsy. But it's true, none of the colors were working for me. So that got frogged, and I cast on the baby kimono. It's adorable and I'm excited to have this be the first
gift box item.

So, What's your favorite book in your library? Why can you not live without it?