Thursday, November 29, 2012

PatPat's Hats 2nd Annual donation

I can't believe it, I am sitting here making arrangements for our second donation to Yale new Haven hospital for PatPat's Hats . I am doing this because of the kindness of people around me. Some of the people are family, some are friends, some are complete strangers. Whoever they are, these people have ensures that I was able to supply children with warmth.

We have been able to donate over 1500 hats this year!!1 We have reached out to hospitals, individual children, private organizations, and people affected by Hurricane Sandy in both New Jersey and Staten Island.

People come up to me and thank ME for what has been done. I guess I'm modest, maybe too modest. I know it was my idea, but I this wouldn't have happened if people like YOU hadn't kept this going!!!

So, if you are thinking about sending us some hats, get those hats in the mail!!!!

You can send your hats to:

PatPat's Hats
PO Box 318
westbrook, CT

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yarn therapy

After getting stressful news, what made me walk to the yarn store. I knew that I needed fresh air, so I had to leave the office. What made me walk those specific two blocks? Did I think that I might possibly run into the person of possible interest in my life (he works around the corner from said yarn shop) maybe..... But more likely, I knew that just touching the yarn would make me feel better. I knew that I could find something in a beautiful hue and soft to the touch that would comfort me, will I ever knit with this yarn? Sure I will. It will forever be known at the triple bypass whatever (likely a shawl, it's malabrigo silky merino). Even though it's a deep purple, it will be known as the triple bypass.

I saw sock yarns, and they were of course lovely, but socks don't fit the bill for this type of stress. I need warmth that I can wrap around me. Something that will make me feel safe ... I saw sparkly dream in color, but no.... That wasn't it either. The sparkles, those are fir good news arn purchase. Today it needed to be a deep color, something that might show a dark cloud. I know the cloud will pass, I'm sure of it. For now, I have a few skeins of a lovely yarn to touch and know that the fib world understands.