Friday, March 11, 2016

Thank you!

This will likely be my last post before the race tomorrow, so I wanted to take time to say thank you...

To my family:
Thank you for understanding that sometimes my run is not a "choice", but something that needs to be done. Thank you for tolerating my constant conversations about training.... Even if you didn't want to listen. 

To my coworkers:
- thank you for listening to my whining about sore muscles after a tough morning run. Thank you for covering for me during this much needed vacation.

To my friends:
- thank you for inspiring me to go further

To my inspiration:

To the children who continue to fight, to the children that we have lost. To the families that stand by their loved ones as they battle disease.. Thank you for inspiring me to go one step further.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The one where I gush about a yarn store

(Remember, I'm on my smart phone, excuse mistakes) 

Today was a glorious day! The weather, the snacks, the hat donations, and yes... The yarn store.

My day started with a run and a visit to les Madeleine's . I ate one of these.

It was salty, sweet, moist, crunchy and amazing. I took home some shortbread cookies to enjoy tonight. 

I went to deliver some hats (more about that on the PatPat's hats blog) 

I'm here to talk to you about yarn.

Enter blazing needles!!! I knew from their website that I was going to love this shop.

It did not disappoint. 
I went into the shop and was greeted warmly. I wandered around looking at their stock. They have just wonderful yarns. They have an entire wall of Quince and Co. Yes, you heard me right, a WALL!!

Want to know what is better, check out these signs.

I asked one of the girls "are these the signs that quince sends you? Nope, the store owner researched the birds and those are hand done water colors!!! 

This did not surprise me when I saw their shop in bags.

I grabbed one immediate. After much Bach and forth, I picked up this bag made by Knerd (along with a small gift for someone else) 

I looked around for a local yarn, there was a local dyed super wash Corriedale sock yarn, but not somethings I wanted.

I went over to grab some notions and I saw this.

Yes, 100% Italian cashmere.

I flipped over the tag and read this.

Yes, it is now mine.. It will become a cowl. 

Fiber friends, find this store!!! 

Oh, they also have a pug puppy in the store!!!!! 

(Ollie is very good at posing) 

Monday, March 7, 2016

The post with the yarn store

So I arrived in Chicago after an okay night sleep. I'll post more about train sleep after I've had a true full night sleep:

So, I arrived in Chicago at around 9am, as my train didn't leave until 2pm, I decided to go ahead and take a walk, and what kind of knitter would I be if o didn't find a yarn store.

I was surprised at how quiet the streets of Chicago were for a Saturday morning. I got to the yarn store and was annoyed that their hours were incorrect, then I realized it was Sunday. No worries, I found Panera.

While I was inchicago this summer, I didn't get to see much. What a beautiful city. I was lucky that it was also a lovely day, 

Such incredible views. 

And yes,a selfie

So I found the yarn store.

I was greeted warmly, and shown around. I love how the store is organized. It's organized by weight, and local yarns. When I'm vacationing I try and find something local, or something new. 

This lovely yarn seemed to be calling my name.

It is lovely, it even smells good!!! 

I headed back to the train station. Got some snacks, postcards, and boarded the next train. 

Onto Chicago

I got to my sleeper car in Albany, and LaShonda, our room attendant, greeted us with a lovely smile. She even had our names on the doors. 

Now, this sort of travel is not for the claustrophobic. These trains have tiny corridors, and the rooms are small. 

But it has everything that you need

Yes, even a toilet. 

This type of room is the view liner roomette. They say that it can be for 2 people. I wouldn't go that far.

I had a lovely dinner with Susan from New Hampshire. I enjoyed herbed chicken which I may enjoy again (yes, it was that good) I also had an amazing chocolate mouse.

I returned to my cabin to my turned down bed.

This was not the best sleep of my life, but I was rested. 

More later. It's a long day of travel. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cross country? By train? To run a half marathon?

Yes, I've asked myself the same questions a number of times...

Yes, in traveling cross country.

Yes, I'm doing it by train...

Yes, I'm doing it to run a Half marathon...

10 years ago did I think I would be doing this? Nope.

Please note in advance, I did not being a computer with me, so all of these posts are via iPhone: while I'm known for typos, please bare with me and be kind.. 

I think this is the best way to share my experience. Yes, knitting will be involved, but there might be less yarn than normal...

So here I am, sitting in a sleeper car of the California Zephyr. 

When did this journey start, I'd like to say it started yesterday at 9 am when I left my home in Salem, Ma.. But it's so much more. I feel like this journey goes back a decade, but I'll spare you all of that. Let's say the journey started yesterday at 8:45 am when I called the cab.

I took the train from Salem, ma to north station, 

and for the first time ever I took a cab in Boston by myself... Yes it's weird for me.

I arrived at south station and picked up my ticket. 

I was told "go ahead over to the first class lounge... What what?? 

Did you know there was a first class lounge? I didn't. It's lovely. Coffee, tea, outlets, and snacks. Also law and order.

I'm  in the first class lounge because I did upgrade to the sleeper car. Full disclosure I owe a debt of gratitude to someone who prefers to remain anonymous for spotting me the funds to book my sleeper car. The car was selling out, and she helped me out. Yes I've already paid this lovely beneficiary back, but as I sit here enjoying my own beer brought from home in my private room with my feet up, I'm super thankful.. This person is a wonderful gift in my life, and this journey would be very different (and possibly uncomfortable) without this person. 

Okay, back to reality. So a lovely red checked my bags through to Salt Lake City. I haven't seen my bags since (of course concerned, as there are over 100 hats in that bag). But I have booze, clean underwear, and yarn.. Do I need anything else? 

I boarded a coach car to Albany (no sleeper car till Albany). My stomach regretted the sandwich that I purchased, but that was resolved by some Gatorade in Albany.

Why do I love trains? 

It's the leg room. Seriously folks, I'm short, but knowing that I can spread out like this? I love it.

Okay, more later.

I have scenery to enjoy.