Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cross country? By train? To run a half marathon?

Yes, I've asked myself the same questions a number of times...

Yes, in traveling cross country.

Yes, I'm doing it by train...

Yes, I'm doing it to run a Half marathon...

10 years ago did I think I would be doing this? Nope.

Please note in advance, I did not being a computer with me, so all of these posts are via iPhone: while I'm known for typos, please bare with me and be kind.. 

I think this is the best way to share my experience. Yes, knitting will be involved, but there might be less yarn than normal...

So here I am, sitting in a sleeper car of the California Zephyr. 

When did this journey start, I'd like to say it started yesterday at 9 am when I left my home in Salem, Ma.. But it's so much more. I feel like this journey goes back a decade, but I'll spare you all of that. Let's say the journey started yesterday at 8:45 am when I called the cab.

I took the train from Salem, ma to north station, 

and for the first time ever I took a cab in Boston by myself... Yes it's weird for me.

I arrived at south station and picked up my ticket. 

I was told "go ahead over to the first class lounge... What what?? 

Did you know there was a first class lounge? I didn't. It's lovely. Coffee, tea, outlets, and snacks. Also law and order.

I'm  in the first class lounge because I did upgrade to the sleeper car. Full disclosure I owe a debt of gratitude to someone who prefers to remain anonymous for spotting me the funds to book my sleeper car. The car was selling out, and she helped me out. Yes I've already paid this lovely beneficiary back, but as I sit here enjoying my own beer brought from home in my private room with my feet up, I'm super thankful.. This person is a wonderful gift in my life, and this journey would be very different (and possibly uncomfortable) without this person. 

Okay, back to reality. So a lovely red checked my bags through to Salt Lake City. I haven't seen my bags since (of course concerned, as there are over 100 hats in that bag). But I have booze, clean underwear, and yarn.. Do I need anything else? 

I boarded a coach car to Albany (no sleeper car till Albany). My stomach regretted the sandwich that I purchased, but that was resolved by some Gatorade in Albany.

Why do I love trains? 

It's the leg room. Seriously folks, I'm short, but knowing that I can spread out like this? I love it.

Okay, more later.

I have scenery to enjoy.

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Katie said...

I think I may know the beneficiary of the upgrade and I am glad it is making the adventure more enjoyable. This is such a cool undertaking and I don't think I could do it, but then as gain never had a chance to do so. Just soak it all in and forget regular stuff, this is a vacation.