Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The one where I gush about a yarn store

(Remember, I'm on my smart phone, excuse mistakes) 

Today was a glorious day! The weather, the snacks, the hat donations, and yes... The yarn store.

My day started with a run and a visit to les Madeleine's . I ate one of these.

It was salty, sweet, moist, crunchy and amazing. I took home some shortbread cookies to enjoy tonight. 

I went to deliver some hats (more about that on the PatPat's hats blog) 

I'm here to talk to you about yarn.

Enter blazing needles!!! I knew from their website that I was going to love this shop.

It did not disappoint. 
I went into the shop and was greeted warmly. I wandered around looking at their stock. They have just wonderful yarns. They have an entire wall of Quince and Co. Yes, you heard me right, a WALL!!

Want to know what is better, check out these signs.

I asked one of the girls "are these the signs that quince sends you? Nope, the store owner researched the birds and those are hand done water colors!!! 

This did not surprise me when I saw their shop in bags.

I grabbed one immediate. After much Bach and forth, I picked up this bag made by Knerd (along with a small gift for someone else) 

I looked around for a local yarn, there was a local dyed super wash Corriedale sock yarn, but not somethings I wanted.

I went over to grab some notions and I saw this.

Yes, 100% Italian cashmere.

I flipped over the tag and read this.

Yes, it is now mine.. It will become a cowl. 

Fiber friends, find this store!!! 

Oh, they also have a pug puppy in the store!!!!! 

(Ollie is very good at posing) 

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