Monday, March 7, 2016

The post with the yarn store

So I arrived in Chicago after an okay night sleep. I'll post more about train sleep after I've had a true full night sleep:

So, I arrived in Chicago at around 9am, as my train didn't leave until 2pm, I decided to go ahead and take a walk, and what kind of knitter would I be if o didn't find a yarn store.

I was surprised at how quiet the streets of Chicago were for a Saturday morning. I got to the yarn store and was annoyed that their hours were incorrect, then I realized it was Sunday. No worries, I found Panera.

While I was inchicago this summer, I didn't get to see much. What a beautiful city. I was lucky that it was also a lovely day, 

Such incredible views. 

And yes,a selfie

So I found the yarn store.

I was greeted warmly, and shown around. I love how the store is organized. It's organized by weight, and local yarns. When I'm vacationing I try and find something local, or something new. 

This lovely yarn seemed to be calling my name.

It is lovely, it even smells good!!! 

I headed back to the train station. Got some snacks, postcards, and boarded the next train. 

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