Friday, October 26, 2007

It's raining

Finaly!!!!!! I live in Eastern NC, as most of you know. WE have been suffering from a drought situation here. It is finally raining, snd should stay that way all night tonight and into tomorrow.

It is just wonderful.

I started a shawl last night to wear to the gala. A nice practive at lace knitting. It is just some kidsilk haze (mmmmmmmmm, pretty) I am using two pinks. a Dusty rose and a baby pink. Nothing fancy, just a stockinette shawl. It is really nice and soft, and will go great with my brown dress. Added to that, I get to wear my pink shoes.

Kay, nough for now, I must ticket.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

few projects done

I am at work right now, so no pics for you, sorry, but I finished a Gryffyndor scarf for Ian who is going to be HArry for halloween. I can't wait. Get to send that to him tomorrow. Working on a hat for becca Also made some mittens and will be making some booties. Made her a hat to leave behind in the nursery as a gift. It was kind of an accident, tht turned into a really cool idea I think.

Had a great weekend. I got to go and see Sleuth If you find yourself in the Greensboro area, I would totally go. I also got to see a great friend that I have not seen in 6 years. SHe was my old boss when I worked for north carolina shakespeare We went to the farmers market and drove around High Point it was really great. I highly reccommend recconecting with people from your past. THat is my tip for others for today. My tip to myself, learn to communicate with people at work. Yeah, that would be good. Not doing a great job of that, I will figure that out eventually. It would be nice if they would bend a bit as well, but I thin I am the one that has to give more this time.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

i'm on ravelry

Hello Al, I got it, I got it. My ravelry invite came, and my page is getting prettier by the minute.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I am getting closer on Ravelry

I am Getting so close on Ravelry. I am kind of glad I haven't been checking up on it every day, because it means that I as so excited when I saw that there are only 589 people ahead of me. YEAH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look for me soon