Friday, May 25, 2007

I can finally update!!!

So a couple weeks back I got to go to Webs with Becca It was great, and here are some of pictures to prove it.

Of course, we have the bag picture:

Also, here is the cascade fixation that I am going to use to make">Victoria href="">

I am really looking forward to getting that project started. I think I am also going to make a spa set out of

Also, here is some great baby yarn.

Dont you just love the colors. I know that I do. THey aren't super pastelly, and I love them.

Well, I am sorry it has taken me so long to post. I am currently at PSF for the summer, and don't have the most consistant internet access. I will post as much as possible.

love to all.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wow, it has been a long week

Well folks. I am safely in PA at Pennsylvania Shakespare Festival We are all moved into the dorms. The chevron scarf is almost done, I will get pictures soon I promise I am currently without internet in my dorm, so I must figure something out.

I also finished a string shopping bag, it is great.

Okay, I must work, and get things done.

Just wanted to let people know that I am alive.

Ooooo, do you know the nutmeg knitter If you do, check out her blog, there is big news.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Two posts in one day

I know, pretty crasy. Still haven't tracked down my camera cable, so no new pics yet. SOon, I promise. Anywa. Tonight I went to Barnes and Nobles to visit a friend at work. When I went to get a nice Chai, I saw thee people sitting and knitting. I asked what they were working on, they all kinds looked at me a bit sideways. I pulled out my knitting (have chevron scarf will travel) and ended up knitting iwth them for a nit before wandering around the store with Tim while he shelved books. It was a GREAT night.

I promise, pictures soon


ooo, the packing gods are not with me right now

So I have great pictures of the WONDERFUL yarns that I bought this weekend at the mecca Webs it was AMAZING. they have a warehouse. Got items to start a number of Christmas gifts, It was great. I went shopping with Becca

I am back in PA, things are good, it will be a busy week.

My trip home was great. Becca and I had a lovely visit, went to see Grease, had a nice dinner with dad, found a tape of a show that I worked on years ago with friends of mine, and I have been listening to it all weekend long. It is great.

Well, since I slept through 2 alarms, I am heading to work. I promise to post pictures, but I cannot seem to find my USB. I have great pictures or great yarns.

talk to you all soon