Friday, November 28, 2008

Fishnets in progress

Fishnets in progress
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this is a pair of fishmets from SMB Nation. I am making both stockings at the same time. I am really psyched with how it is working . I think the recipient will appreciate them.

Question to you knitters out there. Of course I am far from a perfect kniter and frequently I have to frog projects. My problem a that when I pick the stitches up they are twisted. How should I be picking the stitches up. I know that from a distance these twists are barely noticsble, but I can see them and if bugs me. Any suggestions.?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Auntie Carrie

Auntie Carrie
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My pic from yesterday. . .

Man I can't wait to be an aunt. This is My cousin Carrie with her Niece Grace. Grace is 7 weeks old.

Hat for bro in law

Hat for Hil
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well, this double knitting thing sort of rocks. I think I am becoming much more comfortable with my knitting. It doesn't feel like as much of a challenge anymore. In fact I think I am looking for was to make my projects more challenging. Adding a third strand, cabeling, making my own patterns.

The baby hats were a huge hit at the shower yesterday. I will post pics when P can model them.

Okay, I have stalled long enough. Off to work.

Friday, November 21, 2008

This means war

This means war
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The traveling fun fur strikes!!!!! how this landed in my bag after SNB I have no idea. wouldn't it make great cables???

Thursday, November 20, 2008

pic of the day. . these could go together

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Thursday is knitting night at Flour. This is always a fun night. Good food, laughs, and sometimes we even get knitting done. this project is one that Beth is working on. We are still trying to determine if the colors actually go together, but they were put together by the yarn manufacturer, so we shall see.

We will take a week off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. . . What will we do.
Guess we will actually have o get some knitting done.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

christmas is coming

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look close, really close. . . . . . the window on the top right that is lit up. Do you see it. . ? ? ? It is a Christmas Tree!!!!!!

You just have to look carefully. sometimes it isn't righ tin front of your face, christmas is all around.

(Like that silly song from Love Actually)

soup to knits roving

soup to knits roving
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oooooo I so love surprises int he mail. Thanks to nutmegknitter and the chum I was referred to soup to knits on etsy. Well I am certainly pleased. LOOK AT ALL OF THAT ROVING!!!!!

This is my first time actually purchasing roving, so I was unaware what the weight would look like (I am also incredibly visual, I don't do weights and measures well)

so for $12.50 9which included the shipping) I received. She also included her color card with the purchase.

So here you go, I highly reccommend it. What will it become ????

Well that is a secret (and the recipient is a reader of my blog)

You will find out soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got milk

Got milk
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Another pic from my walk to work. How often do you see an oversized milk bottle? I get to see one every day . I have no idea why it is there, or what purpose it serves, but it is fun isn't it??

Monday, November 17, 2008

pic a day

Well, now that I will officially always have my camera on me (Because I own an iphone) I can actually attempt to take a picture every day. Today I decided to walk to work I decided that if I am going to attempt to get some exercise we have to take small steps, or at least 1.5 miles of small steps. . .

So today I popped in the new Iphone, and then off I went.

I enjoyed my walk, and noticed all sorts of new things. Of course this stood out to me. There are so many things that make up our lives. One thing I will remember is being dragged into Fire museums when we were kids. Dad always wanted to go and visit them. I guess now I see them and think of those times.

So here you have it, the boston fire museum.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crazy Week

Oh, guess what!! Christmas is coming. That is the tree going up at Macy's in Boston (Downtown Crossing)

It has been a bit of a crazy week. Work was extremely stressful. I love my job, I really do. unfortunately my boss is kind of . . . . well ..... let's put it bluntly. He is an Ass. . . . Yeah, that is it.

The week culminated in a wonderful conference call with two of my colleagues in the San Fransisco office. Needless to say, I learned a lot in that meeting. A number of things were revealed to me, and my immediate supervisor will no longer be the person that has been supervising me. Yup, pretty damn cool, I am really happy with this decision. It makes me feel very comfortable.

I have of course been knitting. If you have been reading my blog you are aware that I have a nephew on the way. Of course, I think hospital hats are ugly. So he will be properly covered.

Yesterday I decided to make a very big step in my life. For 8 years I have been with Sprint PCS. Yup, I can honestly say that I have had the same cell phone service provider for the life of my cell phone service. Crazy huh. Well. . . alas sprint does not cover the ever beloved iPhone. Not to mention they re-instated my contract without my knowledge, so I was angry. . . So yesterday I bit the bullet got the iPhone. That is right folks, I have moved over to the better side. It helps that my ipod shit the bed this week, and work is reimbursing me. did I mention I really like my job.

So Weeks ago I met Sondheim. He is one of my idols in the Musical Theatre world. Well last night, I met my folk music idol, and SHE IS A KNITTER!!!!!!!

I met Christine Lavin

Christine is the one with the "round white" project. My sister Jen is standing next to her with her second knitting project on the needles. Christine is amazing. Just so awesome. Along with Christine there was an author name Anne Hood who did a reading Anne wrote the novel The Knitting Circle. She was so wonderful. I felt that I had to go and speak with her when she spoke about her son. Brief story. Anne lost her daughter to a strep infection when her daughter was 5 years old. Grace dies on her son's 9th birthday. He son is now very active in theater. This summer he was in a show and she read his bio, he said that the theatre community helped him get through the death of his sister. She mentioned how the theater community was so wonderful to him and how it can be a healing and supportive community. I introduced myself to her, and described that I have so many people in my life that were with me during some very difficult times, and they have stuck with me through these times. All of these people were also with me during productions.

Both Christine and Anne also helped make a knitting project (that will be revealed later) even more special. I can't wait to give it to the recipient, it is going to be very cool.

So wow, that was my week, and weekend. I will also be sharing a recipe from Christine with you. Barakochip cookies!!!!! They will also be used as a fundraiser for Jennifer's school. They are taking 30 students to the inauguration in January. Want to help out? Drop me an email. If you donate, I will personally make you a dozen of Christine Lavin's Barak-o-chip cookies.

WOW i may regret this.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

WOW what a weekend

Well it has certainly been a fun weekend.
So on Friday night piccologirl went to see Legally Blonde at the Opera House in Boston. The opera house is just stunning, completely beautiful. The exremely bitchy queen in front of us talked through THE ENTIRE show. It was a great show. some production values were to be desired (late light cues and REALLY bad sound) but few people would have noticed that. OH< and hten there was hte floating set piece, but again. Noticable by few. The FUNNIEST moment was when Elle slaps the professor in act two, her hand was ALL THE WAY on the other side of her body before you heard the slap. Poor guy just broke down laughing. It took the audience about 3 minutes to recover. They have started raising the christmas funds for Broadway Cares. Which of course begins my plea, please be sure to think of charities like this during the holiday season. I knwo we all love to give gifts, but everyone has a cause that htey hold close to their hearts, make a donation in their name, especially kids, it teaches them how they can help (I am making a donation to an anumal sheler for my buddy Ian this year for his birthday. Sure he will get a small gift, but I also know how he feels about this shelter, and I know he will appreciate it)

Okay, so last night it was off to see Girlyman. The concert was fantastic.

I got to see 4 artists as this was a benefit concert for Club Passim here in Cambridge.

An artist named Laura Cortese

She was just awsome and I look forawrd to finding her concerts in the future.

The second artist wasn't much to write home about, but good.

The third band, OH so awsome. They are Paper Raincoat (Right, even a great band name)

SO much energy, such great vocals, amazing percussion. Really, just great. I HIGHLY reccommend tracking them down.

Then there was girlyman. I have only just been introduced to their music, and the first song I was hooked. amazing harmonies, great lyrics. in general. a fantastic band.

But here is Girlyman's tribute to our president elect (and the other candidates as well)

but here is another song of their's that I really like.

I was able to knit through the entire show, which was also cool.

So yeah, a great night of music for me. I am loving living in a city, the concerts, the shows, everything is just amazing.

Okay, no knitting now, maybe later. Will spell check later, I am off to NH to see Seussical.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my day in voting

Wish I had my camera to document, but alass I don't. 

So I am at work already, came right here from voting (dear apt. mgt company, please please please send us our new key fob so that we can actually come and go as we please instead of having to have a game plan at the beginning of every day) 

I digress. . 

So this morning Jennifer and I went to vote early (teacher types gotta get that vote out before school
) we were in line at the polling place at 6:45 am. Pulled out the knitting immediately. I personally am working on a hat for the step-dad that will have a layer of llama fiber (from bishops orchards) and a layer of a great Peruvian given to me by someone in my SNB.

So we go inside, and see our neighbors (this made things very easy for the people checking us in) 

I voted. Yes, I voted for Obama. Why? for me he is the right candidate. To me he makes sense. Mass also had 2 propositions that we voted on today as well. I was a good little girl and read up on the props and made my choices, which I think were wise. 

I went to the train, got off one stop early, and decided to enjoy my free Starbucks coffee. 

So here I sit at work. Wondering what things will be like tomorrow. I know that I have very little understanding of electoral votes (please, if you think you can explain it so that I can get it you can try, but I warn you . . . . some very strong people have. . . I just don't get it) I worry that there are a lot of people in this country that also don't understand the electoral college. What is going to happen if we run into that issue again? How are people going to react? How are people going to react is he does win? 

There are just so many questions out there right now, and it concerns me.