Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yarn therapy

After getting stressful news, what made me walk to the yarn store. I knew that I needed fresh air, so I had to leave the office. What made me walk those specific two blocks? Did I think that I might possibly run into the person of possible interest in my life (he works around the corner from said yarn shop) maybe..... But more likely, I knew that just touching the yarn would make me feel better. I knew that I could find something in a beautiful hue and soft to the touch that would comfort me, will I ever knit with this yarn? Sure I will. It will forever be known at the triple bypass whatever (likely a shawl, it's malabrigo silky merino). Even though it's a deep purple, it will be known as the triple bypass.

I saw sock yarns, and they were of course lovely, but socks don't fit the bill for this type of stress. I need warmth that I can wrap around me. Something that will make me feel safe ... I saw sparkly dream in color, but no.... That wasn't it either. The sparkles, those are fir good news arn purchase. Today it needed to be a deep color, something that might show a dark cloud. I know the cloud will pass, I'm sure of it. For now, I have a few skeins of a lovely yarn to touch and know that the fib world understands.