Monday, April 27, 2009

CT Sheep and Wool

I am so glad that I went home for this fair. First of all, HUGE thanks to nutmegknitter, without her resourcefulness I would not have gotten home. i took GoToBus, $15 to get from Boston to Hartford. it was great. Some solid knitting time, and I got to catch up on some podcasts, so awesome.

This is how my day started out. Sitting at the Christian Science Plaza underneath an amazingly beautiful sky. What a wonderful start to the day.
I arrived in Hartford and we headed off to Vernon for CT Sheep and Wool . This Festival is a PERFECT size. While much smaller than Rhinebeck, It was Fantastic. We had the opportunity to scan the entire festival, every single vendor, then went and had lamburgers for lunch (yes lamb burgers, they were great. They are also famous for their lamb stew but it was a bit too warm for that for me). So Becca and I scanned the entire festival.

Ultimately I decided on some Semi Solid Sock yarn

From Ball and Skein
Hand dyed, 75% Merino, 25% nylon. 450 yards
I also got an AMAZING tool called the Wristaff from this Vendor, the photo did not come out, but I will re-post. SO cool.

I also got some WONDERFUL silk blend

Silk merchant
51% silk, 49% rayon from bamboo
3.5 oz
320 yards
I am sure I will shop more from this shop, they had some amazing mohair, great silks, just beautiful. I am looking forward to adding their shop to my yarn crawl map.

There were a number of soap vendors. I was excited to see this. I will say, nutmegknitters "green" ideas do rub off on my. I have discovered that shower gels are very wasteful (the bottles) so I have started looking for some nice bar soaps.

Blackberry and Basil (actually vegetarian soap) and Lemon Vanilla.
Oh, and she was smart. She put the bars of soaps in the bathroom. Yup, I was seeking her out because I had used it. Note to soap sellers out there.

I do owe you another post because I also acquired a POUND of alpaca fiber. It is amazing. I went for the white because I hope to play with dyes, so more to come.

Until then, I leave you with SUPER cute.

I had a greast time, it was really fantastic.

More to come.

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