Thursday, July 27, 2017

What I'm knitting (visiting an old friend)

I have a tendency to acquire lots of patterns and knitting books. Some people horde yarn, sneak it into the house under the dark of night so that nobody knows about it. Me, its knitting books and patterns. Nothing gives me more joy than spending a night with a cocktail, some music, and a pile of knitting books.

I read about the patterns and the stories behind the names. I love to see how the combinations of stitches will ultimately create something amazing. I immediately head over to ravelry to see what other people did with that pattern.

When it actually comes to casting in a project, I frequently go to a pattern that I know. I think I've made 4 ishbels. We all know about my affinity to koolhaas. How many times have I knit the PatPat Hat (don't count, I'll just say it's a lot). 

A pattern I revisit as often as my favorite pizza place (or so it seems) is the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I revisit a number of patterns from this book, but this is the favorite.

Full disclosure, this is not a last minute project, but it's a great one. First, find two of your favorite sock yarns, then knit.

I love the ease of this pattern, there is very little thinking involved. My fingers seem to know what to do before I even start.

I love how no matter what colors you are using, they always compliment eachother. 

This particular scarf is a gift. It's for my sister (it's okay, she knows).

She chose blues because it compliments a lot of her wardrobe. She "approved" a scarf because the AC on Florida is ridiculous. I use chose this pattern because it symbolizes so much about her to me. My sister always had a blue gingham blanket. Our grandmother bought it for her. When I got one of my tattoos, I chose to have it colored blue and purple for my sisters. It's not her favorite color, but it's the color that I always think of with her.

Then there is the chevron itself. My sister is getting her pHd in special education. I could not be more proud. She did not take an easy path to this accomplishment. Some people choose a school system in a small town, some choose to teach in established schools with super high test scores where the students are motivated and have tons of parent support. I applaud all teachers no matter where you choose to teach.

My sister started her teaching career in East Los Angeles. Many of her students did not speak English at home. Many of her students did not have meals at home. Some of her students watched their parents struggle with addiction and immigration issues. She continued to work in schools where children were frequently overlooked. She helped some of these students become the first in their families to graduate high school, and many went on to thriving careers because of her support and guidance. She worked to ensure that all of her students received a fair and equal education. Inclusion was always her most important goal for her students. She wanted all of her students, no matter what their learning situation, had the opportunity to spend time with their peers.

So, about the scarf:
One of the yarns is from a stash. I think it is leftover from my own ishbel, and it's a Plymouth yarn that is not made anymore.. 

The other is from a Gilmore girls yarn club. I adore what it is doing color wise. The blues and purples are just incredible!!! 

The pictures are not doing it justice, so you'll just have to trust me. I would appreciate many prayers that I have enough of the contrast yarn to finish, because .. well, it will all have to be frogged if I run out.

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